Where the Hell is De'trop?

[contented edited by ILP]

after a showdown with me the other day, he went nut posting agaisnt some newcomer named thebloodytruth… got temprorily baned by imp?

no, I didn’t ban him… I only moved his posts…

but he should be back soon…


  1. Its détrop. I was banned for obnoxious behavior which I take responsibility for. I reacted to a series of ridiculous posts by a one “theultimatetruth,” I think it was, by posting a string of nonsensical posts myself. I should have simply reported the posts to a moderator, but got a little anxious in the moment. I’m sorry. It is quite possible that I will be banned again when Ben finds this post and/or my computer address. We’ll see. I would like to remain “détrop” and am asking you, Ben, to reinstate me, if you are not bent on banning me again.

  2. There are two and a half lies that I will deal with here. The first lie is that Ben consulted me to inform me that I would be allowed re-entry after a week of “cooling my heels” time. He did no such thing. Do I care? Certainly not, I expected as much.

The second lie is this:

  • Pureasonist

I don’t want to hurt your feelings, Pureasonist, but I would hardly consider my exchanges with the likes of you to be a “showdown.” Yes, it feels good to believe that one has slain the great détrop, but the trophy you hold up today is a farce, so I would be willing to give you a second shot. Now pick your weapon.

The half lie is this:

Either you did move the posts and someone else deleted them, or you lied, Imp. Again, I care not about the truth, the posts were crap anyway. What I will do, however, is hold anyone in an authoritative position to their word, as the burden lies heavily upon you. There is no room for you to make mistakes or lies, Imp, so I stand you before the masses to come clean. Now, what happened oh “rightous leader?”


I do not have the crack-pipe and the revolver. I lent them to your mother the other day. She was having problems coming to terms with your birth, and I offered her a quick way out of the dilemma.

I am neither righteous nor a leader… (can you imagine all the aliens that would be looking for me?)

the only thing I did was move the posts (I thought) here… but as you can see, the posts made by the other fellow who was posting that I moved (they still exist but are in quarantine) … I did not delete them…

hold me as accountable as you like, I expect no less… but know that I did as I said, nothing more and nothing less…

welcome back


[contented edited by ILP]

I have unbanned you detrop. No more hilarious ironic gimmick posts. Welcome back.

  • ben

Imp, the aliens you speak of are called the “greys,” and you don’t have to worry about them. They are spiritless life forms that have been quarantined within our galaxy because of their involvement in the Lucifer rebellion (the plan for the new world order), and their only goal is to stop the human evolution into pure spirit. They cannot do this to humans who are pure at heart, so as long as you live a compassionate life in accordance to God’s will, you have nothing to fear. The truth lies within you, my son, so let them look for you all they want, they cannot touch you.

There are conspiracies that make the Illuminati look like a childrens book, but only a few anointed ones such as myself know what is really going on (I have met with aliens who have revealed Earth’s history and future to me). Yes, its all true, but the ending is not what the Illuminati think it is. Their secret society is laughable at best, they don’t have a clue about what is really happening here. Don’t fret, its “all good.”


Wait, wait! That last one will self-destruct in five seconds, I promise.

Attention ILP:

You are ordered to disengage all conversation with “Epoche.” He is a nut who knows nothing about what he says. We are tracking him at this moment and he will be dealt with accordingly. Please continue on with your capitalist/consumerist discourse, ultra exciting and fabulous lives, Puff Daddy videos, and Sunday cook-outs with the neighbors.

Thank you,
Big Brother

[end transmission]

but being a good husserlian would have you embrase the epoche…


becoming one with the epoche…

momentary lapse of reason aside…

-Imp (remembered my password at work)

Yes, well, many existentialists reject the epoche in all its forms. Sartre and Heidegger threw it out the window, but Merleau-Ponty created his own version of it. I think I’ll do the same. Still, Husserl is mind-boggling (in a good way).

I’m impressed, Imp knows a little bout’ “bracketing existence.” [Imp struts off into the distance]

If you were really cool, you’d start a thread for Husserl and throw up a few links for us to explore.

Yeah, she told me you were as exciting as a dead fish. Said you kept mumbling irrelevant shit about capitalism and couldn’t focus on the task at hand, also that you kept crying out the name "Palmella Handerson, so she left you alone with the “task at hand” you know best.

Keep em’ comin. I’m just gettin’ started.

Here, Abs, I’ll help you out. Try something like this:

détrop, after five minutes with your mother, who wouldn’t resort to their hand?

See how easy that was?

yes. it wasnt nearly as easy as… your…mmm-… math homework? :confused:

Great, now Rainman gets all upset because he couldn’t answer the question and starts attacking me with closed fists, like a younger sister might do when you tell her she’s ugly. Look, FM, I didn’t put you up to this. You asked us to give you problems to solve, I did my part, knowing that you know this is for fun. Suddenly you become angry because you couldn’t answer the question and react as if I’ve had a gun to your head all this time. Chill, homey, you don’t have to be the smartest man in the universe (although I guess the halloween ball scenario would have worked, except for the tobacco and legal theft…so I’ll give you a B- in associational innovation).

Yes, while your at it, my math homework was always easy. Why? Because I failed the classes on purpose so I wouldn’t have to learn anything that couldn’t be figured out on a calculator…and I can barely operate one of those. At nine years old I was convinced that an eight was just eight ones, and I didn’t feel the need to discover how a bunch of one’s might relate through addition, or subtraction, or multiplication, etc. Besides, I was too busy flirting with the girls to waste time with that shit. Luckly I have evolved into a philosopher who believes that numbers don’t exist anyway, so everything worked out fine. [grin]

Now go count some toothpicks, Raymond.

[size=200]ILL KILL YOU[/size]

:astonished: … i figured angry was more entertaining than polite.

oh and with that math homework comment, i meant to give you an extremely cheesy mom insult, but decided to pretend like i didnt see the obvious vulnerability of the use of the word ‘easy’ (easy, like all american words, is often used in a sexual context. see slutty hizzo). its funny because youd expect to hear a mom insult, but you didnt, so therefore you laugh.

You promise?

only if you truly embrace ashlee simpson as your savior and have faith that her spaceship can intercept your ascending soul. you have to aim at the comet though. the only way you can do that is with this patented… soul… finder… hands detrop freshly chewed gum

…dude the machinery is invisible alright? you dont just ask ashlee to show you how magical her soul finder is. jesus! stab

If you strike me down I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.