Where to post?

Given that the essays and theses category is gone, what are we meant to do instead? I have a paper with an argument on abortion that I wrote, and I’d like to start a discussion with it. But it’s 6 pages long, and I’m not sure where to put it!

Summarize it and post it in the hall of questions. You wont get many bites on 6 pages. Besides, almost all abortion speak is political, so you could just cut the political stuff out and post up a few questions in the philosophy section, and point to some excerpts to slowly build the position in a manner that keeps you digestible to people on a forum. Some people post here while they’re taking shits at work, or driving, or waiting on a dentist. The chance of getting many people to read it is slim.

I suppose I’ll have to try it. It’s not very political at all, the paper, but I’m sure the discussion would be eventually?

Without a doubt.

…in about two posts. I already think you’re position is wrong, evil and stupid and i have no idea what it is!


This is why you are terrible and I am wonderful.

What about The Academy?

I asked in the thread about the academy and got no responses so I thought I’d make a thread here. I’m thinking the academy with maybe a 100-200 word synopsis.

That would be good.