Where to study?

Hello, I am looking for guidance on where to study a philosophy degree, I am a 19 year old, unemployed, self-studying, self-proclaimed writer. I’ve been writing since I was young, I actually started drawing my own comics and creating worlds then moved on to writing short stories and novels. I studied english on the internet, along with graphic design and other things to keep me busy.

I had some problems in high-school and dropped out so I spent all of my free time writing and studying philosophy, along with other things like history and whatever appeared on my computer screen. I believe I have a very unique view on the world(don’t we all?) so I look forward to having the world hear my word, to publish something.

As of now, I am writing what I think is my debut to philosophy, of course it won’t be finished for a long time but I am setting the foundation, I am pretty pleased with it so far. Now, at the moment I am about to finish high-school and want to obtain a higher education, normally I don’t believe in universities because I think systematized education is mediocre, so if I were to study and take it seriously, it has to be in one of the best universities in the world. Big plans, I know, but I am willing to work for it.

To put things into perspective, I’m a mexican citizen living in northern mexico, not exactly the best place to grow up with a mentality like mine, atheist and intellectual. I have spent my entire life looking for compatible mentalities and have found only one, I can’t wait to get away from here. Another problem is that no country wants any mexicans so I really need to get a good degree, maybe a masters and a phd or basically the best education I can possibly get if I ever want to even dream of emigrating legally. I was actually born to a higher class family so I have been able to pay better private schools but the universities in mexico don’t really appeal to me, I guess UNAM may be good but I don’t like living here. I’d like to study off-shore, maybe in Europe.

Now, I’ve talked to my family and basically, by 2007 I’ll have their full economic support, which is fine with me because I want to spend these two years studying french since I’ve concluded that France is a very good choice, I’ve already talked to a director in the French Alliance(I studied french there) and he says it’s very easy to live, study and work in france, that universities are practically free and that they don’t prioritize nationals, so foreigners have the same chance of going in. It sounds very good, especially because I won’t need that much money.

I don’t really know what the best universities are though, I’ve heard Oxford is very good but honestly I don’t know anything, not even costs, I’ll look around and see what I can find but I was hoping someone here would know a little more and could guide me. Basically, I want to study in a world-class university, but it needs to be affordable, or at least I need to find a way to make it so. What is the best french philosophy university? A public one, of course.

I am willing to work hard, I have actually been working hard all my life obtaining an education by myself since I’ve always thought our public education and even the best and most expensive private education was completely mediocre. I have learned many things and I hope it stays that way. It’s hard to get in but I’ll have 2 full years to prepare.

Thanks in advance,

The best places to study philosophy in Britain are Edinburgh, Oxford, Manchester, Liverpool, Warwick.

Dunno 'bout France.


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