Where's faust

Where is faust.

I havn’t seen him around in a good 2 months or so.

did he discover aztec gold?

did he fall off the edge of the earth?

Faust, where are you, i miss your cynical logic!

Faust is probably on leave wandering the East coast of USA. It refreshes him to stride along the beaches and see the ummm summer scenery :smiley:

Don’t ya know?

God and Satan made a deal, Faust is currently being tempted with evil.

faust is alive and well and should be back soon


If he doesn’t come back soon i will issue an order to begin looking at the bottoms of wells.

Faust has a girlfriend. A steady girlfriend. He has to maintain.

Oh, and he now works with wood.

This guy is my hero.

If i worked with steel would you consider me a superhero? :laughing:

Depending on what it is you do with steel, yes, I would find that impressive.

Did he make a Faustian pact?