Where's the Materialism thread?

Can anybody help me out? I thought it was posted in the religious forums a while back, but now I can’t find it. Did it get deleted? It contains some conversation relevant to some current threads.

If anybody remembers, it was about 18 pages long, and had frequent postings by Navigator, Uccisore, and Faust, if memory serves me.

Unfortunately, the search-engine no longer works for posts that were made before the upgrade to 4.0. :frowning: Makes me sad too. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure no one was informed that this was the price of the upgrade. Fortunately, the posts are still there. While it is a bit of a pain in the ol’ rear, you can flip through the history of the section and find the thread. Or you can flip through the post-history of those involved. I find the personal histories is a better way of searching, since there are a lot more hits (every post they made appears), so for active participants your searching methodology can be a little more crude. Especially if you remember some of the other threads on ILP that were going on at the same time. So go to a member’s personal page, click on their “previous posts” or something like that, perhaps, “view all posts by” and start digging.

Not a lot of fun, I know.

I was afraid of that. Thanks Xunz.


Ahhh. That’s why I cant’ find the “Faust is a Stud” thread.



The google search box on the front page works better. I didn’t know that old posts wouldn’t be searchable after the upgrade, and I’ll look into fixing that. In the meantime, the Materialism thread was the second result in the search on the front page for “materialism”.


If you go to your profile page, In nice orange letters near the bottom it says “view your posts” Every last post you have ever made, including all the ones you wish you hadn’t, are listed there is chronological order. If you know roughly when you were posting to that particular thread, it shouldn’t be too hard to find what you’re looking for.


the thread you mentioned was removed in the interest of good taste. ILP is pretty open, but even they have standards… :laughing:

OK, so in order to make the search box work, I’ll need to take the board down, probably for an hour or so. I’ll do that in the next few days, and I’ll announce the downtime before I do. After it’s done, it should keep track of posts like it should.