Which are your best threads ever?

Link them here.

I don’t have a best thread, yet. But anybody with more than 1000 post count ought to have at least one, by now?

Here’s one…


I think my “what are you doing?” thread got the most replies, and most of them were me.

My “Mental Illness: The Future of Treatment” got the more responses than any other thread I started.

Made a confession thread before doomsday.

Strange how many gave confession of their past sins. Some even confessed that they had Spice Girls, 1 later regretted that confession! :laughing:

Not all of these were popular but from the oens i could find these are the ones i liked the best.

“Morality is Practicality.”

This one was pretty Fun back when Anarchist vs. Statist conversatiosn were going on with a large amoutn fo frequency

“Project Lawless Frontier”
“The Various Forms of the State.”
“Nihilism, it’s not reasonable.”

“Disinformation,The Bane of an Era.”
More poetic/introspective threads.

“Life is a story.”
“I’m just becoming evil I guess…”

“The Beauty of Sorrow”
“Why do I like Sorrow.”

Some crude but ultimately helpful intospections on my own political ideology. Many ideals i still retain, some have changed or been refined since.
“I’m an Imperialist.”
“There’s no such thing as absolute freedom.”
“Is it worse to be an Anarchist or a Fascist.”
“Am I a Fascist?”

This might help some people find theirs.

^ yes, Nah’s index is quite cool. it’s worth a look if you’ve been a regular poster at ILP over the years.

I originally read the title of this thread as being about your favorite threads in general, whether they are your OPs or not. That list would probably be more fun to make.
Here’s my favorite OP threads,

Space for Philosophy

Storm Clouds of Being

Say it ain’t so!

fake realities

meaning ex nihilo

Great Scores

Never made a good thread, certainly don’t intend to, it’s not important to me anyway. :slight_smile:

I am quite happy in the fact that I never made a good thread, or a good post, or a good remark or even a bon mot. Who cares for scoreboards, idiots probably. Yeah I am sure you made a good post, medals in the post, it aint going to be anywhere else. :smiley:

I do like the fact that people care, but I am not sure that anyone else does, but knock yourselves out. :wink:


If some people are still using, I’ll update the list, later.

Send me a PM if you are not int the list or you changed screen name.

Hi to Helandhighwater,

I did not realize that you were Sidhe and Calid previously.

You wrote “I never made a good thread, or a good post, or a good remark”.

Speaking on a strictly personal basis, this statement is massively false. You have been one of my favourite posters and you have been extraordinarily kind to me. Thank you!


Here’s a great one.


Hehe wow, I did make a good post then. Well that’s interesting. :slight_smile:

I still don’t think people should really be back slapping, we all know people who makes good posts, the whole thing seems a little self indulgent to me. But hey far be it from me to stop you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not my thread, but I predominantly remember ILP for this absolute CLASSIC thread, which went on for 37 pages.

hth, what a legend of ILP.

It’s not my own, but the thread that taught me the most is this:

ilovephilosophy.com/viewtopi … 1&t=175698