Which came first?

It is my point that it depends upon how you frame the issue.

If the Big Bang unleashed an endless chain of universal causation, then everything that happens after the Big Bang is an effect of the Big bang. Whenever an effect emerges, it is still caused by that one event.

You have to decide - how are we to separate objects from events, and one event from the next? Where does the river end and he ocean begin?

At what point do you cross from the valley to the mountain?

Is that a tree or just a tall bush?

Probably a good idea. Unless you are lost in a wintry wood and want to start a fire. Strike matches, or spin around three times and hope for the best?

It is only and exactly language that does this.

I’m down with that. It’s a choice. You make the one you need to make.

First has no first
Last has no last.
Anything that has no first came first.

And superballs keep bouncing around and around.
Considering what we know of breeding and evolution the egg had to come first from a creature/s closely resembling a chicken and since chickens are omnivores its ancestors would probably have been quite fierce. Ever have a chicken or a rooster attack you? They can be quite mean. They are not passive critturs.

Yeah, but all chickens only closely resemble chickens. There is no Ideal Chicken.

(Oh boy, now we’re going to hear about some chicken Kris once raised from a pup, and how special and cute and smart it was.)

Umm, no, that was a turkey, we ate the chickens and their eggs. The ideal chicken is one that lays the best eggs, has the least amount of fat and the most tenderest flavorful flesh. That would be the Guinea, Top that off they are great for ridding places of rodents and snakes. they eat these critturs like they were snack foods. Oh yes and they are out of this world delicious when marinated and grilled with teriyaki.

I was close.

:banana-dance: :laughing:

how soon we forget


Super Vision? If I had any supervision, I wouldn’t be here!

I still laugh at that.


How [came] you to become such a Renaissance woman? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Unless that would be the “human” chicken that laid the “best egg”. :laughing: In any case, that “human” chicken could be ideal as he might be more endearing. :blush:

:laughing: I am not sure what you mean by Renaissance woman. I just think of myself as just plain old me. Nothing to write home about boring type that has a whole lot of fun doing and learning.

ROTFLMAO, any guy would cry like a baby to have to lay an egg, ever dealt with a man that has painful roids? They are such babies if there is a woman around to nurse them, imagine guys laying eggs :unamused: :unamused: They would consider themselves heroic :laughing:

The duck came first!

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