Which One Are You?

I am…

  • …the Piglet
  • …the Kitten
  • …the Bunny
  • …the Chick
  • …the Duck
  • …the animal taking the family pic
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Hello F(r)iends,

Which one are you?

Are you the cute little piggy?
Are you the precious kitty?
Are you the snuggly lil’ rabbit?
Are you the cute chick?
Are you the daffy duck?
Are you the family member behind the camera?


I gotta go with the duck. He’s obviously handsome. He looks thoughtful. Clearly a social climber. Perhaps thought of as just another quack (thought I’d get that in early). And, well, he looks relaxed but…ready. Exudes confidence. Little limb extended - in friendship? Or to fight if necessary?

I like this ducky. Looks like a ducky I could at least be friends with. That would be just…(can’t do it.)


The pig. Without doubt, the pig.

I have to say I’m behind the camera. I’ve never quite shaken the feeling that I’m “over here” and all you guys are “over there”.

I’m totally the one behind the camera. Ask any of my friends who are mercilessly exposed to the lens on a regular basis.

Hello F(r)iends,

Please tell us what type of animal you are…

I’m the kitten. Why?
Because it is precious, pretty, cute, handsome, smart, playful, and it has claws.
And it can be a total sour puss…

Uccisore, I was going to suggest that you were the rabbit… (silly wabbit)
Cause that rabbit, unlike Bugs Bunny, doesn’t look like he’s too funny!
Also, it suits your true form: pretend to be a godzilla but you’re a sweet person deep down.

SIATD, yeah, you are definitely the pig…
Just look at that self satisfied smirk on the pigs face.
It knows it’s smarter than the others but loveable nonetheless…
I would say that Bessy is also the piggy (even though she’s Jewish, I think).

Xanderman, I had you pegged as the Rabbit…

But don’t let me tell you guys which one you are…


Umm, I was actually thinking of writing a little bit here on what type of animal I am. It’s definitely not easter themed, and may not come off as funny, though, so the bunny will do for now!

I would be a dragon (and no, not a seahorse, I’m looking at you, Manifested) but if I couldn’t be that, then I would be a turtle. One of the ancient ones. Becaue I’m old, or at least I have always wanted to be.

I wonder why?

Yes, but Bessy is a young man in her 20s trapped in the body of a woman in her 50s. Did I say 50s? I meant to say 40s, obviously.

Yeah, the pig is so smug that it doesn’t even care that a chick is using it’s head as a perch. That’s me alright. Pigs are apparently very intelligent animals. Makes you wonder, if that’s the case then why do they happily roll in their own shit and why aren’t they running the planet instead of the sheep?

Egg/Easter bunny connotation perhaps? I’m just free associating…

I’m the kitten, why?

refer to my title.

i picked kitty, though i am more of a cat (i am not that cuttily). cats stand alone even when surrounded by other people, they live were they are not were people want them to be. and they have a bad flaw of curiousness

they can be sharp when they want to be, but the claws disappear at a moments notice

I’m a shark. I’m behind the camera.


LA you would probably be a chick disguished as a shark… :stuck_out_tongue:

i would probably be the daffy duck :smiley: thinks about looney tunes :-k

Ahh they are so cute =)

Hello F(r)iends,

Which one are you?



Hey, I said it first, so I get to be hip and original no matter how many people rip me off. q:

Yes, I’m behind the camera too. I’m the goat behind camera no. 2 and I’m snapping the ‘family’ from the rear end while they’re distracted. Now smile… :astonished:

It’s funny how we all look the same from this angle. :-k

I’m hardly a chick. I’m 6 foot tall.

Sharks like deep waters (liquid).

Sincerely Thirsty, I am the one behind the camera. Always.


I do not think that the pig is smug. The happiness of the pig comes from the “inside”, and is not subtlely comparative in the manner of smugness. He is simply overjoyed with his shit, which he loves dearly.

He would like to share his shit with others, but is frequently misunderstood in this regard. They don’t seem to appreciate just how fantastic shit really is. But a true pig does not mind. He knows that there is only one pertinent truth here: The shit will set you free. :slight_smile:



Disclaimer – The depiction of pigs in George Orwell’s Animal Farm is designed to articulate the author’s conviction regarding the hypocrisy of the Soviet Communist leadership. Due to my peculiar ability to channel Mr. Orwell’s immortal spirit from beyond the grave, I can hereby reassure all of you fellow pig lovers out there that no derogatory or derisive characterization of pigs was intended.