which top should i wear? (pics included)

which one is the best? Im wearing it on a date thing…

If you like him or her, wear the red one.

If you are still unsure of him or her, whitey-burgundy one.

If you are just going through the motions, wear the blue.

The second one.

ok so tab put the blue one last and smears puts it first…hmmm…i dunno…which one makes me look like a normal- yet nice -yet hot girl? i fear that the beading on the top of the blue one might be a problem…also, i dont know if you can tell but the blue one has material that is naturally crinkled up-thats just the style…

the guy im meeting is the type that hates girls in flannel…if that helps…if you like girls in flannel i might not want your opinion :slight_smile:

the best top would be

or would that be over the top?


Wear the ugliest one you’ve got. He has to appreciate you intellectually first.

I love a girl in flannel. Like in one of my flannel shirts and nothing else.

The guy doesn’t know what he’s missing.

Yep. The first might be okay, but the bra strap is hanging out which is a bit tacky and tasteless - not unlike guys walking around with their underwear showing. The second one has more “personality” and the crinkles and beads add to it.
The third one I don’t even want to look at. Ugh.

I like girls in flannel.

The red one. Women in red mean business.

So, opinions from:
A confirmed heterosexual married guy, with two adoring, intelligent children.
A business-tycoon/crackhead.
A compulsive wisecracker.
Mr. “Oh yeah I only stare at women’s intellects I obviously have no penis.”
A man who wears flannel, and forces his alleged “Gf’s” to wear flannel.
A person of ambiguous gender and sexual tastes.
And a complete N00B with questionable user-name issues.

I know who I’d trust. :smiley:

Are those in order of appearance?

Questionable user-name issues? Not from my perspective. (Assuming of course you mean me.)
edit: that comment from a person with a user name of a discontinued beverage or keyboard key?

Smears - Okay, so maybe crack was one drug too far… How’s the franchise business going…?

“Is that a rocket in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me…?”

I dunno, maybe I’ve just got a dirty mind.

It used to be “Tabula Rasa” but then the end fell off.

I think his used to be Tabula Rasa, but we affectionatley call him Tab now. For one because it’s shorter, and also because, as you stated, it reminds us of a tasty beverage from years past, (which incidentally, now that I think about it is still available in some markets).

Is there a deeper meaning behind your username?

We should have a thread where people explain what thier names mean.

Mine seems pretty clear at first glance, but it’s actually just an initial and my last name.

:blush: Oops - redundency editing- Smears got there first. It is as he says, saving that it’s not always “affectionately”. :laughing:

Tab I’m starting in the morning with a guy who’s got 28 stores, all opened just since 2003. He’s planning 22 more in the next five years and I get more base pay than with the other guy, plus 8% of any sales increases. Not bad for a pot smoking philosophy student. Without being too specific, but I live in a pretty nice condo with a big screen tv and it costs less than 30% of my income, and in two weeks I’m moving into a historic bldg in the city center that’s bigger than this place more centrally located, and it’ll be less than 20% of my income. For a guy who doesn’t consider himself to have ever had a “real” job, I get to have lots of fun and do pretty much whatever makes me happy. I think I’m going to buy a dog and walk it around the three parks that are within walking distance of the new place.

Things are actually going very well for me right now. I’m turning in my lease application tomorrow and I’ll be in a nicer place within two weeks, plus I predict that I should be able to set aside about $500-$700 a month for my contingent future plan of relocating and starting college again.

What a deal man. I’m pretty happy about it.

And just think, I could go and work for a bank or an insurance company, and I’d wear nicer clothes, but there’d be no way I’d ever make as much money as I can with these pizza guys. If you’ve ever interviewed at a fast food place, you’ve seen the kind of competition you’re up against. People like us pretty much just have to want the job, and we can have it most of the time with higher pay than they would have given someone else.

It’s not hard to talk circles around and psychologically leverage a simple restaurant owner after the kinds of bouts you get into here at ILP. This stuff really makes you smarter.

Good for you my friend. It’s good to hear someone actually getting shit done rather than just doing the classic “Moan-moan no-one understands how great I am” speil.

Rocket - I’m not alone.

OK well im not sure if i like him…tab said to wear the brown one in that case…but then Pandora says the brown one is so ugly he doesnt even wanna look at it…(is pandora a girl?)

anyway. i still am confused on what to wear…

Tab- u said i should wear the red one if i like him? well then maybe i should just wear the red one so that if i end up not liking him i can just dump him and if i end up liking him then i can reel him in with the red shirt??? win-win situation?

Actually, the name goes back to my hockey playing days. It happened to be a nickname. :wink:

that’s good… (beats being called a pucker…)