White European preservation policies

I would ask you the same question. But that was not my statement. My claim was that there are neighborhoods in big cities in america where I would not go, where the police department doesn’t have a lot of control over what happens on the streets. I would guess that you haven’t spent much time in large american cities.

No Go Zones do not have to be “lawless”. It can be an area where you are not welcome because you’re not part of the ethnic or religious group. If white people do that it’s called racist.

Immigrants do change the laws and customs of society. They already have. But a mere numerical majority is not enough to change america to the extent that is being stated here. Power is vested a lot of other places than at a small town ballot box. If you want things to change less, the first thing you need to do is to take a hard look at the way things work.

The Dearborn thing started as a satirical article on a fake news site. And that’s where it ended, except in the minds of the congenitally fearful . Let’s get real, for christ sake.

Would you care to get a bit more specific?

How about these changes to society :

nationalpost.com/news/politics/r … rtisements

Make everyone rich, yes. And how? By making everyone poor, yes.

Don’t ( :eusa-naughty: ) forget to pay off your debts.

Muslims stoning Christians in Dearborn Michigan

It’s all made up contrived nonsense right Faust?

All this satire.

Crap, I was wrong…muslim No Go Zones exist in 9 states.

It’s funny that Fox News tries to retract the truth that the governments don’t want released just yet about the USA, France and Britain.

If the USA No Go Zones don’t exist, use your wealth to travel there and prove me wrong Mr. Faust, you have good health insurance when they beat you and your woman (raped too) badly.

Please do some research on this video. It’s easy to do. These were children throwing trash at a group that went in asking for trouble. This is ridiculous.

BTW, Dearborn has its own police department. It’s not part of detroit.

Look, hate people if you want. But why believe lies that are easily refuted?

Specific about what, specifically.


Are there any other no-go zones in the U.S.? Are the white separatist enclaves with all those AR15s and pipe bombs behind the seat of the pickup considered a no-go zone? Is there a safe place to buy a tiki torch anymore? What about the Mormon polygamist group in four corners and Colorado?

Point: There are lots of different groups who choose to live in ghettos in this and lots of other countries. Some are violent, some refuse to play by any but their own rules. But they are, and will remain, a small percentage of the population. The issue of sharia law taking over the country is ridiculous. It is fear conflated to create a paper tiger. It is an excuse to deny immigration and/or integration.

I may fear those polygamists most of all. But you gotta admire their energy.

This :
"Power is vested a lot of other places than at a small town ballot box. If you want things to change less, the first thing you need to do is to take a hard look at the way things work. "

It’s so general. What would I find? Then what would I do if I “want things to change less”?

Well, I suppose you could, in actual real life, find a municipality that tries to institute sharia law (I can hardly believe I am even writing this). But there’s the Constitution. So, instead of spending energy on highly edited videos of events that didn’t really happen, you might want to send a few bucks to the ACLU. Or just get a better hobby. Of course, I am not addressing you, personally.

You read the article that I posted, so you must have seen that one of the arguments was that it may conflict with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. And the counterargument was that the tribunals were still subject to Canadian laws. However, it’s easy to see that people could be pressured into going to the tribunals and accepting their judgements even though they would be better off going to the Canadian legal system. The Sharia tribunals could potentially become the de facto law at least in some areas and particularly for some vulnerable people.

I didn’t even watch any fucking videos. I haven’t said anything about Dearborn.

You seem to want to paint everyone who has a concern that you do not share, as fearful and irrational.

Of course not, because I haven’t made the arguments that you are trying to pin on me.

But thanks for giving me your views on things.

With evidence, refute away.

So it’s okay to throw trash at people, better yet encourage children to batter adult strangers, who are using their first amendment rights? Why not ignore the group in question? In what world do you think it’s right to batter people with anything physical for voicing their opinions?

You show no proof of anything you say is discredited. It’s only discredited in your mind. Prove that it didn’t happen. I offered visual proof that it did as well as several articles from different sources about issues surrounding Muslim only communities, offer what you have that is better than the empty words that come out of an empty head. Blow more than smoke. I notice that is all you do…blow smoke. You have no facts, figures, articles, videos…nothing but empty words that don’t align with a changing reality.

So what do we have here?

On the one side, Autsider wants to kill anyone identified as different.

On the other side, Faust says that there is nothing to worry about.


Dover, Tennessee was the home of the KKK, but that sign no longer stands.

Where are the white separatist enclaves with armed guards at their gates threatening outsiders who are not even guaranteed safe passage?

I’m glad you mentioned that Mormon group…why does it still exist? Their armed guards will come up on you as you approach their areas and they own the local police for they own the nearest towns. I’d forgotten about them but I’ve seen plenty of horrifying documentaries on their operations which is closely related to a variance of Sharia like laws made by their founder Warren Jeffs with a Christian slant.

The difference is that Mormon polygamists are a minority that will most likely stay a minority, but Islam is not a minority religion or practice.

Your POINT has no point that relates to what we are discussing. Muslims in Europe are demanding Sharia be institutionalized or are you denying this too?

Well, immigrants have been routinely exploited. Throughout history. That’s no reason to panic.

I’m not trying to pin anything on you. I am speaking about the fearful ones. I was perhaps not clear. I tried. Apologies if you misunderstood.

I do not want to paint everyone anything. I want to point out panic where I see it. Panic is almost always a bad strategy.

I have not said tthat there is nothing to worry about. I am saying that worry is wasted on fictions and should be reserved for facts.

Kill anyone different and their supporters.

Faust gets his facts on CNN, CBSN, etc.