White European preservation policies

One reason is that it’s considered socially low status to not tolerate those poor “refugees”.
“Look at me, I’m fine with all that, I can be fine with it because I am economically and socially so secure.”

The reality is, as with many other forms of social signalling, that it’s more smoke and mirrors than genuine security but you gotta show no “weakness”.

“Look at me, I’m fine with all that, look, look at me!, I’m so secure, will ya look at me finally?!”

Plus there is this deep fear of being thought of as “right wing” and “xenophobic”. They are conditioned to regard anybody as evil, who dares to question those lies.

Bottom line: The fear of being judged a bad guy - the fear of other people: “Sure I will go along. Whatever you say because I am one of you good guys.”

You will also be labelled as “fearful”. Worried over “nothing”.

And guess who gets to choose what the general population believes to be the good versus the evil (the “serpent in the tree”).

“Gutmensch” - in English: “good (hu)man”, “do-gooder”, “goodie”, “bleeding heart”, “starry-eyed idealist”. Dictators want “optimists”, not realists, the conclusion of this false dichotomy is: "realists = pessimists "(which is - of course - false). This people can be found everywhere, especially in Occidental countries. Many ILP members are also examples of such false optimists. They all are victims of the propaganda. And they all are perpetrators when it comes to the avoidance of using their own brains.

Do not forget those who are blackmailable because of their workplaces. They lose their jobs if they do not agree.

How many ILP members are paid ILP members?

Obfuscation (with misdirection) and Extortion.

There is a BIG glaring hole in this whole discussion. It is almost embarrassing to watch reasonably intelligent people create false narratives because they are blind to the obvious. The ASSUMPTION that mixing people of color = bad, tainted, less, etc. There isn’t any serious scientific study to support this. Oh yeah, there is plenty of junk science claiming white superiority along with a shitload of anecdotal crap that has been de-bunked a hundred times over.

The same goes for all the shit that whites are superior because of nature/nurture/cultural advantages. Another load of BS without any serious scientific support.

Too many are simply seeing what they want to see instead of confronting real facts determined by peer reviewed scientific study. Really? Is there any genuine thinking going on here?

Most of the thread has not even touched on mixing races … most it has been about culture, laws, religions.

You are taking the wrong “assumption”.

The very, very serious problem is only circumstantially related to cross breeding humans.

The actual very serious problem is:

People are being very greatly, insanely manipulated into lusting to crossbreed as well as many other unnatural behaviors. The silly thing to me is that they are so effectively hypnotized into accepting that manipulating the masses (unwittingly including themselves) is a good thing.

So now YOU explain why that YOU have ASSUMED that using media and medicine to manipulate the masses is a good thing. Or is it that you have PRESUMED that such manipulation is not happening? If you don’t see it, it must not be there, right? Would you even know what to look for? Don’t you think that making that kind of mistake is serious enough to warrant a more serious investigation and discussion?

What then are your worries?

The gradual decline in the values and principles that are the fundamental basis of a just society.

For example, I think that women deserve equal treatment and opportunity as men. When some Muslim men refuse to work with or even make casual physical contact with women, it is a challenge to that principle. And if we accommodate that behavior, then our society has suffered a setback.

I can bring up other examples. I have no desire for a theocracy or even a greater role for any church in any way. Nor do I want freedom of speech to be infringed.

Really? Then why is the title of the thread about white European preservation? If all of this was about nature/nurture/cultural issues, then why single out whites as the “victims”? I looked at the ASSUMPTIONS being made, not the rationalizations.

It’s interesting that you characterize non-whites as being “hypnotized” and “lusting” by non-whites. Perhaps you might consider your own being hypnotized and lusting?

Media and medicine? Where did you see that in my post? Or are you just ASSUMING - again, some more.

Do I think that there is a lot of manipulation of people? Yes. Perhaps that is why I suggested examining good science. You know, the studies performed by acknowledged experts in their field with published statements in respected journals and peer reviewed. Such examination is never perfect, but it is the best we can do when looking for evidence as opposed to reading some blog repeating de-bunked junk science.

Perhaps you could explain how you are certain that YOU aren’t being manipulated?

I can answer that.

It’s because there have been a lot of posts on this forum talking about preserving white Europeans (or those of European descent in non-European countries). I wanted to know what that means specifically and how it could be accomplished without creating an unfair society.

I still don’t have an answer.

I don’t accept Autsider’s “kill the other guys” policy as reasonable.

I’m not saying that I agree with Autsider’s policy either, but as a question to you, are you so confident that the “other guys” consider it as unreasonable?

If the “other guys” consider it fully reasonable, then does it matter whether we think it is reasonable?

Is considering it unreasonable more important than survival?

Is there really any option?

What is being “preserved” when talking about “white European preservation”? I have asked and I have been ignored or blown off as a “moron” or “libtard” for asking.

Here is my interpretation:

  • democratic government
  • freedom of speech
  • freedom of movement
  • equal treatment in the legal system
  • equal opportunity in education
  • valuing of scientific method for gaining knowledge and solving problems

Those are concepts which arose in Judaeo-christian Europe. Not all of it is completely achieved but it’s a work in progress.

Am I wrong in my interpretation? Do you guys want to preserve something else?

Fair enough. There have been plenty of other groups to land here (and there) with similar values which are similarly in conflict with the prevalent values. That condition tends to mitigate over time (a generation or two). But let me ask you - is it the presence of muslim immigrants or the policies your government adopts in regard to them that you object to?

Just thought of something. A few months ago, a gentleman came to me and asked if we (I work for a small city) could provide a separate area in our city cemetery for the burial of Muslims. Pretty much a fenced off area within the existing cemetery. is that a reasonable request/ I have no objection to it.

I’d put it this way, if someone asked in the Middle Ages - “Huh, so what is this white European preservation about? You guys want to preserve feudalism, chivalry,….?”

Frankly I want to preserve the White people, their genetic integrity.
Btw. that doesn’t mean that the descendants of Europeans in a thousand years will be just like the European people today but that’s not how preserving anything works.
Either you care for something or you don’t, either you build on the past or you discard it and throw it away.

Either you learn and build on top of ancient architecture, refine it, adapt it,….
Or you throw it out the window and build a concrete brutalist soul crusher for bug men.

Additionally this is not only about the “materialistic” aspect of preservation but also about spirit.
We are not talking about preserving something, some genetics in a museum but a living reality a people and a place, their homelands.