White European Preservation Thread.



As white Europeans become the new ethnic minorities of each individual nation we reside in we will in turn become second hand citizens or denizens. This is the future of the multicultural and multiracial agenda being set out all throughout the west. There is no coexistence in this future.







ANTIFA the organization of peace?


Source: youtube.com/watch?v=02vvYDxXQ3w&t=230s .

Source: youtube.com/watch?v=02vvYDxXQ3w&t=1506s .

If Europeans become a minority, then intelligence (high IQ’s), technology, science, wealthy, democracy, welfare become a minority too, will drop below sustainable levels. All this means stupidness, dark ages, eternal-civil-war-like situations or even the Stone Age again, in the worst case the disappearance of all humans.


I found this:

I am not opposed to one race families. I am not opposed to multiracial families. I’m not opposed to nonfamily social groups, per se. Where did you get that from?

I cannot afford a limo or to live in a gated community. I have never lived in an area where whites are a minority.

I rather like gardening.

Does that only apply when it favours our own kind? I don’t think any nation would favour it not applying, but it has been a global phenomenon… and probably since Homosapiens had farms to raid.

…and please don’t look at that as an advocation of it… I know how you think, Joker :wink:

I haven’t caught the news for a while, but the last time I did, I recall that many European countries have taken their border control into their own hands… and it’s working. They were firm and adamant, but non-threatening, about these dark-skinned strapping young healthy men being not welcome on their shores.

We had to vote Brexit for ours… due to the EU officials constantly trying to bully us into taking ever increasing numbers and robbing us while they were at it.

I didn’t mean this sarcastically or in ill will when suggesting it would be fitting for you to become a gardener in case you need the money and the wages of a gardener begin to rise.
I esteem gardening or construction work to be of higher moral worth than many college educated jobs today.

Although I’m an academic, I like gardening very much. :romance-heartbeating: