White European Preservation Thread.


I want to add something to Nyborg’s statements in the above video, where Nyborg notes that e.g. "the welfare-state debases what created high civilization in the first place - this is the first time in history that the less fit are reproducing more than the more fit“. We know from e.g. the schoolyard that high-IQ pupils and low-IQ pupils behave very differently. The high-IQ pupils behave in a more reasonable way and think that intelligence is the best way to get success, whereas the low-IQ pupils behave in a more violent way and think that violence is the only way to get success.

The behavior of the high-IQ pupils is very similar to the behavior of the Faustians which Nyborg, referring to Charles Murray’s book "Human accomplishment“ (2003), calls "High Civilization“ / "European Core“ / "males born in a small area of northern Europe“ (the entire area of the Germanic speaking people and the north-northwest area of the Romanic speaking people [ youtube.com/watch?v=02vvYDxXQ3w&t=179s ]), thus: the area where the Occidental culture (a.k.a.: Faustian culture) originated with its soul (according to Spengler: „die faustische Seele“ ["the Faustian soul“]).

What Nyborg describes is a scientifically secured version of the Faustian story / history.

Back to the schoolyard: Very often, the low-IQ pupils win against the high-IQ pupils who are, in addition to that, often called „Streber“ (German) or "nerd“/"geek“ (English). It depends on the number: if low-IQ pupils are many more than the high-IQ pupils, then the high-IQ pupils have no chance to win against the low-IQ pupils. (Then proverbs come true: “The wiser head gives in.” “The cleverer give in.”)

Politically said: By welfare and immigration politics, the welfare states help the low-IQ people win against the high-IQ people. What Spengler predicted as „die farbige Weltrevolution“ ("the colored world revolution“) has become reality since the end of the second world war or, at the latest, since the end of the cold war. Very likely, this will lead to a civil war, if not to more than a civil war.

[tab]spengler_oswald_um_1917.jpg- onesourcebook.com/download/the-d … e-west.pdf .

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The reason why many Faustian people are scared these days is a real threat (!) - not the foreign race of the immigrants or the sex or something like that.