White Hat Hackers, recording themselves Hacking Georgia

In Real-Time, game over treasonous mother fuckers:


The Left doesn’t care - why should they? They feel that the game is all but over - why look at countervailing evidence?

True, at this point, it’s more about reaching out to the Center, and all remaining Patriots in the United States, because we’re about to split in half.

It reminds me of that Chinese Yin-Yang symbol - there is no middle ground.

bruh that is a video of a guy saying that there is evidence that will be released later then they speculate for a few minutes lol u suck at this

If Congress hasn’t heard it already they will between Jan 6 and Mr Trump’s inauguration.

the guy is literally hacking an election and recording it, ur dum


Yeah votes count, if you’re dead, nice propaganda and lies though.

Facts are inconvenient, but here is the video with the explanations everybody has requested.

No doubt it won’t help change any minds, but it does help those who do want an understanding of both sides.

if you listen to trumps call from yesterday you can hear the part where they explain that they dont really have proof of dead people voting. they claim that 1000s did, and then the issue is pressed they back down from that on the call.

we have lots more evidence, georgia may or may not have the strongest cases and proofs, but we have the dominion algorithms and thats all thats really necessary to prove widespread voter fraud

i think trump was just giving them one last chance to do the right thing, which is fess up, they dragged their feet with all this, did not audit, and did not take it seriously because theyre cowards who want to hold onto their meager positions, they will be rolled over once trump wins 2nd election

Who is “we,” lol

huhuhuh, you’re so funny, NOT

Don’t play games with me dork, stick to arguments, since you haven’t really won any recently have you? What’s the last convincing point you’ve made?

Well you’re saying “we” have evidence…like there are things that have yet to come to light that only you, and nobody else, knows about.

I’m ready, because the arguments thus far about election fraud are demonstrably false.

Imagine having an ignorance as Evil as yours:


I know you gouged-out your own eyes. But don’t expect to ever consider yourself honest in front of me. I know your kind and your lies. You are with the Demons.

I’m violently ignant.

And you’re not even aware of it.

I’m ignant about my own ignance. It’s blissful.

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