White People



As a white guy, i find these posts offensive. i don’t know why, but i feel like i should be offended, and i wouldn’t want to pass up an opportunity to take offense.

White people are ugly.

Now i’m really offended. Totally beside myself with indignation.

Well that makes two of you, then.

You can’t be offended. Also, it’s not racist to be racist of white people. Know your systemic privilege.

White, black, Cuban or Haitian… they all talk shit. Poor me, poor me :-&

Society will implode due to egotistical bollocks from all sides… the cat will come back and then the mice will cease their mind-numbing play. Pawns in a very big game is all I can say.

May i ask, did you know my post was entirely sarcastic?

I think blue people are ugly.

May i ask, did you know that my reply was not in direct reply to yours’ :confusion-shrug:

One group standing on the back of the other to reach the sweetest fruit at the top of the tree, and then cry if the other doesn’t allow them to… most cant handle that all is fair in love and war, and so play a dirty game.

That’s racist.


I tried tanning to make myself look darker. It didn’t work.

I think that I might be an albino.

You wouldn’t also happen to have green hair, would you?

I could reveal my real identity but I must not as me and my green hair would be revealed.

Well, that’s pretty tautological.


racisms is funny

cant forget

As far as i am able to understand, some white people, especially in US, really consider themselves superior than blacks. For whatever reasons, they feel that the notion of the equality of the blacks is forced upon them without their acceptance. Though, i do not think that such whites are in the majority.

Now, the majority of the rest of the whites, feel somewhat guilty conscious because of that behaviour of their fellow whites, thus try to go to the opposite side from the center, where everything is racism or discrimination of blacks.

This is something like a moderate Muslim feeling somewhat guily for 9/11.

with love,