White Supremacist Cells Funded by Soros

Some reports have come out about the recent surges in white supremacy gatherings being funded by George Soros, apparently with the aim of discrediting the Trump agenda, framing it all as nazi.

It could be that all White Supremacy is in fact masked Leftism, much I suppose like nazism originally was purely Leftist.

If there is any way the media and political opposition can discredit actual national movements they will every time especially if they get a bunch of morons parading on television. It has been this way going far back as the 80’s.

The rumor is about Antifa.

Some reports came out that Earth is flat and that the moon landing was a hoax.

Never took you as a conspiracy theorist before Mr Unreasonable.

Some say it is hollow. Some people on the internet have been convincing others that it is both flat and hollow.

I bet Soros is behind that, too.
“Mr behind-it-all”
the coveted title of the Messiah.
Who as conspiracy holds (in its Geburically clenched fist), is the last Pharaoh.