Who Created God?

So, how do we in fact get something from nothing, when in fact nothing is all there is? … Nay, nor even the slightest potential for something. Wouldn’t there at least have to be some sort of basic structure or matrix already there? If so, then how did that get there? Sounds to me like we’re speaking about some basic structure which has always been, indeed, a highly intelligent structure. Which is to say, how else could it not be intelligent if, in fact it was the basis for all there is?

Hey, did you know that consciousness is merely the end-result of that which is highly structured? Think about it. How could we possibly do anything, let alone think, without a tremendous amount of structure in our lives? Whereas if these immutable laws that govern this structure have always been, what might it possibly suggest? That the Universe has always been self-aware, and was designed specifically as an outcropping of this?

Well, that certainly dispells any need to ask who created God now doesn’t it? :wink:

I don’t know exactly what you are implying with this post, could you be a little more specific?:

the simple truth is that Abraham created god in a dillusional state brought on by opium, starvation, poison, or moldy food or some combination thereof.

For the real Truth, seek the Sacred Chao

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The use of the term “created” suggests a beginning. That implies a timeline. Since God exists in Eternity which by definition is outside the bounds of time, your question is irrelevant. It’s also irreverant, IMHO. God is Eternal. Therefore, He had no beginning.

I stated this a few months back in IRC.

“Imagine staring off into the distance and you can see forever. You can see so far that you see someone’s back. You wave at them, and eerily you see them wave the same arm. you turn around, and behind you is the same thing the same distance. someone turned around to you. You begin to get chills.”

how many of you here know what you are looking at? that’s where you’ll find god.

I would say you were either dreaming, or were under the influence of very powerful psychotropic drugs. Or, rather, it is more likely that you were than you actually saw God.



Gentlemen it can only be experience if were not perceiving external stimulus, maybe you’re under the influence of something that’s why your brain inaccurately recognize linear perspective ness.

Okay, If we saw a building and let’s say somebody says no one created it certainly we wouldn’t believe, just like the billions of stars and galaxy it’s sensible to assume that there is responsibility for triggering the accumulation of cosmological matters. If we acknowledge some great minds for creating the mobile phone and computers, so as god too for creating all this things mountains, trees etcetera.

Well if creation is such an issue for the mortals well I thing not for the gods they are not bounded by creation, well there are some gods that have been created by gods just like Jesus and Abraham and many more, we Christians are not Barbarians we only worship one, its God who created the universe by means of Jesus Christ our savior.

Iacchus great post

I think God is just a concept created by nature to keep humanity humane. So whenever there is chaos or violence or abuse to an extreme, nature creates messengers among us to spread the message of good-will and good-intentions. And the fact that we feel that there is a God like us is just an illusion created by nature to make us identify with God because we would find it hard to identify with nature, our ultimate creator because it is so diverse in character and being. I feel this might be true because, “Life has a way of taking care of itself” and so I feel that life or nature is its own God and perhaps all this just formed or happened as they say, “Life is a fluke.” Don’t listen to me, I got too many diverse viewpoints. Whatever…


Nice thoughts. I think that the nature is the created and God is the creator. IMHO, nature doesn’t create. Kapish? Your view is unique, though. Like sci-fi.

70 times 7-

IMHO, nature doesn’t create.

Wha? Trees, animals, people, amoebas…If nature doesn’t create anything for us, then the only other options would be man and God. Man didn’t create himself, and since nature doesn’t create, God creates every single thing from the beggining until now? Come on. A more plausible explanation would be God creating nature, which then in turn creates life.



Man defined the term created, man defined the term beginning, man defined the term eternity, man defined the term time, and man certainly defined the term God. Man wrote the Bible, man built his churches, and man defined heaven and hell.

And yet Satanists get blacklisted for worshipping themselves rather than some higher power.

Your arguement for an eternal entity is as paradoxal as the beginning of ‘reality’. the beginning of ‘Time’ you may say. I just believe that Time/Reality/nature is eternal, therefore it need no ‘before’ to set it into motion. But as i’m writing this, it seems very similar to your arguement but about a ‘God’.

Do you really think you understand Eternity?

Your arguement for an eternal entity is as paradoxal as the beginning of ‘reality’. the beginning of ‘Time’ you may say. I just believe that Time/Reality/nature is eternal, therefore it need no ‘before’ to set it into motion. But as i’m writing this, it seems very similar to your arguement but about a ‘God’.

Do you really think you understand Eternity?

About as well as a finite person who has never experienced eternity can. Don’t you believe there are some things that are simply beyond our grasp?

You’re wrong on all counts. And, yeah, so what, punk?

Yes of course. Since when did you ever question something about nature and recieve an answer? Everything is beyond our grasp once one starts to think outside of the box. I like to think ‘nature’ is eternity’ but then ithink…‘this something’ that i percieve day in and day out, this whole mode of ‘‘something’’ simply just is. But how?

I do not believe in a higher entity.


I’m not arguing for an eternal entity, I was merely stating that, in regards to 70 x 7’s comment about created suggesting beginning and blah blah blah, man defined all of these terms - if you want to argue about the existence of god then you can’t look for loopholes in the english language, don’t Christians believe that man is flawed?

Ummm… i don’t even know what you’re talking about. Better define yourself, what am I wrong about that Satanists worship themselves or that they are Blacklisted?

And how am I a punk?

The human mind is always searching for starting points. Mankind is looking from the finite to the infinite. God however, is the infinite looking at the finite.
The human mind craves a start and imagines and end.

I don’t think the human mind can understand the answer to ‘who created God’ because the question is not based in reality or rooted in truth.

I think God was created from one of the ribs of the UberGott then HE started to experiment and voila here we are reminding HIM of HIS folly which is the reason HE doesn’t want to talk to us :astonished:

ahh,mt eh central and fatal flaw of creationsit wannabe science. they make a big deal out of how it’s impossible for the universe to just for (i.e. the big bang) and yet it’s perfetcly plausible for a god that somehow magically appeared to create it.