Who cried, "Blasphemy?"

Since God cherishes everyone on earth and loves a personal relationship with all, it doesn’t matter what we say to God or about God, He would never cry blasphemy. Therefore, who the hell are we to cry blasphemy my dears? On top of that since God Himself never cries blasphemy, but if we did, then we placed ourself in place of God and so blasphemied as only God had that right to cry blasphemy. Not only that we committed another sin of spoiling the personal relationship that person had with God that God cherished. So, the sin of committing BLASPHEMY should be considered null and void as it simply does not exist because as God never cries blasphemy then who the hell are we to do that? Agree? Disagree?

Was that not the plight of Joan of Arc? Poor thing died because the church was screaming blasphemy! Thought we have moved on from this question in this day and age.

Can you define blasphemy, for the purposes of your argument?

It is an incorrect use of that moral purpose god gave you, i.e., your choice, to blaspheme against your creator, i.e., the creative cosmic intelligence you possess.

When you blaspheme your become a blasphemer. Now, as far as I am aware that has never been a virtue. God doesn’t cry blasphemy because he is all intelligence.

lest not yet ye be judged.

None of us know what god thinks so none of us have any right to judge a person based on the mumbelings of a book of merely circumstantial conjecture based on some historical happenings.

I believe god made us all, by one way or another. All human beings are necessary for god’s future.

^^I would rephrase that…I think that God is necessary for all humans future…lol… matter fact humans exist because of Humans…they stay alive because of God!..so God doesn’t depend on us, but us on the creator… after all we do need air to breathe?..lmao…

^^sorry I’m speaking to much again…:frowning: