Who here Shaves Their Balls

I did for the first time two days ago. I like it. I thought it would be a whole lot tougher and more dangerous than it actually was.

I started shaving my pubic hair above my wang a few months ago. I know I know, I got a late start. I mean who waits until they are 19 to start shaving there. But I honestly didn’t know that almost all guys do shave or inleast trim up there. When I found out I felt like every guy knew of this great party and I hadn’t been invited! But I have a problem and even though I do my best…I have tried soaking the area in hot water for five minutes…leaving the shaving cream on for a few minutes before shaving…and using Gold Bond cream afterwards. I also used a Mach 3. But no matter what I did I would still get ingrown hairs.

So I heard to use shampoo instead of shaving cream and it has helped a bit, but i still get ingrown hairs. How do you avoid this?

Also is it weird that I use the same Mach 3 turbo blade on my balls as I do on my face?

You should use an electric razor first. Then shave. Nair works excellent for the outter areas, but for the love of all that is good and holy, keep it off your manhood.

you use a mach 3 on your balls!!!
this sounds like one of those things you do when your 12/13 and your shouting at your pubic hair to grow. or thats just me and those years. in those years i made the mistake of telling a close friend that i shaved my pubs, instead of telling him i just didnt have any… owww the horror, some close friend.


why, who the hell are you impressing? the lads in the showers, your girlfriend cause she does it, what?

He know how enamoured I am with the poor state of my dental hygiene, and doesn’t want to give me a flossing. <3 <3 <3

Why does one feel an urge to do what others are doing, be different, don’t conform :stuck_out_tongue:

I trim. I always get ingrown hairs, so I stopped shaving. But I trim because it looks better. Do you want to take some hot ass chick to bed, and she spreads her legs and a freaking forrest appears? No.

And women think likewise. Penis’ are unattractive. You have to advertise them so that the females would want, if inclined, to take a taste test. They won’t if it looks like a rat hiding in un-mowed grass. Plus it is more hygenic.

i shave it all off… :wink:

oh wait… i dont have balls. but i prefer it if men were to shave. heh. and women too. did i mention im bisexual? this fact isnt irrelevent, i like gentlemen, not cavemen

jedi pocky speaks the truth…girls find it gross if you don’t shave.

I think it is feminine for men to shave, I like (intelligent) cavemen. Animal instinct I suppose.

The rest is nonya :wink:

nonya what?

Hey Jedi :sunglasses: , long time no see… :laughing:

I’ve always known that the force was strong between us.


nonya business, i suppose. I shave, but the wife doesn’t like it.

Hm. That’s interesting. I never knew guys (or, ‘a’ guy) would just prefer to shave even if their partner doesn’t care for it…

yes, exactly. i must feel there is a man, not a barbie.

lenore, these shaving men are depriving us of their pubic hair!!! This is an outrage…


I have to say I like a shaved guy…less mess :wink:

Yeah, now ya’ see, I always thought male pubic hair would provide more stimulation for the female. A woman might think she “feels” him more if he’s shaved, but I think this is psychological as opposed to physical.

Think about it. What stimulates the females nerve endings is friction and pressure. If anything, I think that during intercourse the man’s pubic hair would stimulate the clitoris all the more.

Why would they put ribs on a condom if a woman prefered “smooth” surface contact?

It’s all in yer’ head, ladies.

I’d never waste my time shaving my balls or my Johnson. Why? I’m clean, the hair doesn’t bother anyone.

Short version:

It’s not about clitoral stimulation, it’s just your average turn-on.

Matthew E. (below) – I’ve personally always liked it that way, and I think the ‘liking it more when they get older’ applies to more things than hair, and has to do w/ repeated good experiences w/ sex.

I’m under the impression that the older women get, the more they like a man to have hair- and not just atop their heads.

Am I right, or am I right?

I trim, but don’t shave. It seems to be the happy medium. Besides, I would hate to ostracize anymore of the female population than I already do, i.e., those that don’t speak english (my spanish is decent, so maybe that too).

yup, definitly trim

Not to hairy, but nice and sharp. I like to draw tuxedo’s and ties on my one-eyed snake. I’m also getting a tatoo next week right where my pubes grow that reads: HEADS UP!!!

You should get “Your Name” tattooed on your penis.

That way, you can go up to a chick and go, “Hey, I’m Smooth, what’s your name? … Oh really! I bet you a BJ that I have ‘Your Name’ tattooed on my penis. … yes? Ok, let’s go!” Whip it out for her, alone…and you’re already halfway there…