Who is corrupted?

I think most peoples are corrupted like rusty iron. I see them walking and their soul is creaking as they do not know what they are and what they want only that they want something. But what? I feel for them. I am myself not corrupted. I am pure because trust myself with all the impulses that come to my mind and my body and I just execute them and the results are usually more or less, more or less the way I want them to be even when I do not know up front what I actually want, because sometimes I think I want something and then I turn out not to want it or/and to want something else, something that happens and not something that would’ve happened if it only happened and not that which is reality. Maybe I get too philosophical or maybe you don’t understand because… you are corrupted. How many of you are corrupted, no let me phrase this newly, how many people of you feel corrupted?? You can feel it. Your bones squeak like iron that’s rusted and your mind is like a drab, a kind of gooish matter grey of its blandness not of its sparkly braincelliness, no there are different types of grey and different states of iron. Let’s fight corruption and follow impulses and get uncorrupted and pure and awesome and have lots of experience. That’s what it’s all about.

Do you mean corrupted as in unconscious?

What is your definition of corrupted, truly?

Well loss of consciousness is a result of corruption as purity is free joy and allows consciousness whereas pain and suffering presses on consciousness and forces it to dim and finally extinguish. But the corruption is not itself the unconsciousness but the cause of it. Thank you for asking.