who is more powerful? the convincer or threatener?

The guy that has a really big gun to your head telling you his “right” and “wrong” and what is going to happen to you if you don’t agree or obey.

Or you the guy with the gun to his head that convinces him to put it away.

I want to be the guy that can ask you to go to hell, and watch as you cash in your 401K and sell your house, to bring me money to give you directions to get there. I think that is where the power is.

Not the car salesman who needs a gun to rip people off.

Any thoughts?

How bizzare…? Could have sworn I posted something like this yesterday:

Okay, perhaps a bit cheeky in the last bit, but no overt swearing…

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I don’t burn books…

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this reminds me of an old Indian story I read.
A Shaman convinced everyone in his tribe and other tribes that he was the most powerful. He could make anyone do as he told them. An old lady fed up with his crap spread the rumor there is one that is more powerful. The Shaman got wind of this and approached the old lady.(Stop me ifyou have heard this…,you haven’t? OK) The Shaman yelled at the old lady as she sat shelling peas “I am the most powerful around, How dare you say there is another. Tell me who it is now or I shall curse you.” The old lady (who by the way diapered the shaman when he was a baby) looked up at the shaman smiled and said" The one who is more powerful resides in this tent. He is yelling now" The shaman said “that is but a baby I am more powerful then a baby” the old woman said" then make the baby stop crying. The shaman said “All must obey me even the baby, I shall make him stop crying”
OK you all pretty much know where this is going so I should not have to finish this tale. Who actually is the more powerful ,the baby or the shaman?
It was the wise old lady, Think about it.

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That’s a line from one of Nixon’s advisors, quoted in Yes, Minister…

isn’t it shown that violent interrigations don’t work for the most part? That violence just makes people festor and fight back in other ways?