Who is the most beautiful philosopher throughout history?

What are your reasons for saying such? Physical features, the way he acts or thinks? Ideas, cartoon images? Wisdom?

Simone De Beauovir, for she is the only woman philosopher I know, next would be Bessy and Kriswest.

But thinking seriously, I would say Jesus for the male gender, because many have died for him. And for the woman , there are many, but if I have to pick one, it would be… :unamused: …( to be continue)

How is beauty philosophy? (seriously; I’m wondering)

To quote my gay friend, “I saw a picture of Kierkegaard, and was like, damn, that it hotness.”

Yes, I have to agree that Kierkegaard is a total stud. All that sexy fear and trembling, yum.

Does one have to be gay to appreciate beauty in the same sex?

That sounds like gay talk to me. Get 'im boys! :laughing:

That depends on the definition of beauty I guess.


What are you trying to show us?

Man is the most beautiful? or youthful men are the most beautiful?

I thought we were talking about specific philosophers, not the general pool of beautiful people.

Yeah, the topic kind of digressed…

I could be mistaken of course, but I think Detrop was merely trying to say that Kierkegaard is a beautiful man, physically (which he is).

That youthful mem with a touch of the feminine about their face are generally very handsome chaps indeed. Now that detrop has set the standard, I can’t actually think of a better looking male philosopher.

I think a young G.E Moore looked quite dapper.

Tally ho, chaps!

Or maybe a young, pre-war Wittgenstein. I’d have to agree that Kierkegaard takes first prize, though.

the most beautiful woman , is someone who is different, unlike the other women. This woman must be balanced, and is at its limit of physical appearance, looks pure naturally and hides her make up well. She is wise, and obedient. I would like to call this who , the goddess of Athena.
But for someone who is real, the virgin mary.

Schopenhauer is said to have been good looking in his youth.

And wasn’t Zeno reportedly a looker?

I can’t put my finger on just why, but I think this thread is a little weird. Maybe I’m just too old.

There’s something I can’t put my finger on about -all- of Dan02’s posts.


Faust, you are definitely getting up there. Look at the pre-occupation of post a pic, who’s a hottie, the not-joking innuendo that floats around in here. There are days you can gag on the pheromenes floating around. This thread isn’t weird, it’s part of the daily sex-fest.

:laughing: it sounds so funny, yet, I feel so delighted and another way dumbstrucken

I post many simple questions, yet i recieve not many simple replies. I guess thats the philosopher’s way

dan, when you post simple questions you usually don’t explain what the underlying complex question is, and tend to avoid a follow up on the question as well. An example would be this thread; you’ve changed your direction with every post. I suppose I’d prefer to get further in a single line of thought, but I’m not criticizing you, just commenting on your statement.

To go back to the last subject of discussion, what do you mean by “obedient”? To me that sounds like subservience, and if that’s the case then I disagree.