Who is this actress?

(if she is an actress)

I don’t think it is… but it could be Naomi Watts

Looks like Jaime Pressly to me.


Yeah, Jaime Pressly - else someone who looks just like her.

You know, it just sucks being old. I have no idea who Jaime Pressly is. Waited on the guy who played the guy who rigged the video system in the casino in Ocean’s Eleven yesterday, though. Don’t know his name. Very nice guy, though. Anyone know his name?

yes being old does suck.i dont really know anything that is synonymous with what is ‘popular’. that’s being disconnected from TV for you.

is being disconnected from TV a problem?

[size=200]I REGRET NOTHING!!![/size]

so how old an i? 24.

the internet is better. can ad-block commercials, choose what you view.

as a matter of fact,i read a review of that TV show ‘sliders’ from the 1997-2000 just to catch up. turns out,i missed nothing.http://www.homunculus.com/articles/wuhrerkari/wuhrerpeople980615.html

thats how far behind i am.

Drift - I do not currently own a television, but I have in the past, and I have watched the televisions of others. I make a rule never to watch a show while it is in production. It makes me nervous. I wait until it comes out in reruns on cable. That way, I already know it has been successful and can just relax and enjoy it. I just don’t want to invest in any popular culture that turns out not even to be popular.


How oddly cautious of you. Why the refusal to risk an investment as undemanding as dedication to a television program?

xander, I have to be cautious with television in general. Probably you do not know the name Jim Bakker, but he had a show years ago, before he went to prison for real estate fraud. He has a show now (that he’s out - Dershowitz sprung him on appeal, I think) but it’s not as good. It was a sort of Tonight Show for God. He was a televangelist who ran a sort of Disney for God in South Carolina. I watched that show several times a night - it repeated every two hours. Killed a lot of time. Couldn’t stop. Only his conviction cured me. Which is no cure at all.

Also, I am a recovering Weather Channel addict. Also have had problems with Law and Order - every version. The tragic death of Gerry Orbach has actually helped a little. But only a little.

Besides, “Must-See TV” here in Maine is “Scrapbooker’s Corner”, “This Old Trailer”, “Martha and Stewart’s Living with your Livestock” and infomercials like “Making Money from Bogland” and “Get a Full Head of Hair - from Your Wife’s Face!”.

And there are no watercoolers in Maine, anyway - the water’s always cold.

Are you saying that you have a generic tendency to become addicted to television programs?

This seems to be the place for this:

Does anyone know who this broad is?

xander - I don’t blame my parents, if that’s what you mean. I did have a bad experience with a television as a child, though.

We (my sisters and I) had just gotten a chameleon as a Christmas present, and, coincidentally, our first color television. To make a long story short, on New year’s Day, I innocently placed the chameleon, which I loved dearly, on the TV screen just as the Disney float came on camera in the Tournament of Roses Parade. It wasn’t pretty.

Well, for a minute it was. When the camera panned out, the chameleon had some kind of a seizure and dropped dead to the floor. I think the experience scarred me, and I have been somewhat a victim to the awesome power of television ever since. Nice float, it was, though.

What can I say? Just got a new bag of dope. Primo.

Hey, can we get some sound on this thing?


I don’t, but I like your taste. :wink:

Sound? Sound please?

This is great. I’m in love with a mute chick.

And I don’t even know her name. (Oh well - that’s happened before.)

Looks like Elisha Cuthbert.


She is better mute.

That clip is probably from a terrible waste of a movie: The Girl Next Door
An interesting premise with a few great moments, but overall a waste. It was a male fantasy at its worst. Female porn star attempts to escape the life and everyman teenager attemps to rescue her. She goes from being an interesting character to nothing but a set piece and a bit of a McGuffin in about half an hour of screen time.

I prefer Kiss, Kiss Bang, Bang’s co-star Michelle Monoghan. A much better character is a far better film.
(And unlike Elisha she took her top off.)

Oh yeah, I guess she was in a little film this year too called MI 3.