Who is this man ?

Does anyone know who this guy is ?

I need to know coz I spent about an hour today making him into my new avatar and I need to know if he’s worthy.

I thought it could be this guy: Andrew “Yoda” Marshall.


But on second glance, probably not.

Terry Tibbs?

You appear to be right.

ie.youtube.com/results?search_qu … y+tibbs%22

I’m actually fairly disappointed now . . . I thought I was being more original.

However, the question still remains - Who is the guy? - The voice is “Kayvan Novak” - But who’s in the pic ?

He looks like Dick Cheney with tourettes syndrome.

He looks similar enough, though I doubt he’d allow himself to feature in a CH4 comedy.

No . . . For the same reason.


It could be “Donald Pleasance” - but his nose and head-shape don’t seem to match.



This is Donald Pleasance again (dead since 1995).

I’m pretty sure it’s him now.

CASE CLOSED - Thanks for your help.

Ahahaha! In the avatar is is a strange size… the hand with the telephone shakes.

( Being patronising ?? . . . If so, then fuck-you. ) :slight_smile:

If you’re being sincere then I’m glad you find it amusing and can inform you that the shaking hand is not a glitch; 'tis the result of some painstaking image manipulation - It’s actually a four frame animation. Why four frames and not two ? . . . I’m not telling.