Who tempted Eve? Satan or the serpent? Why did God punish t

Who tempted Eve? Satan or the serpent? Why did God punish the serpent?

Dogma has Satan taking over a serpent with the power that God gave her when God cast her from heaven. I call Satan, her, because the early church depicted Satan as female. That is clear in Michal Angelo’s paintings in the Vatican.

If Satan took the serpent over and made it speak the words to temp Eve, then Satan would be culpable for the temptation and for God to punish the serpent would have been un-just.

Serpents cannot speak without supernatural help. Satan appears to be guilty while the serpent seems to be innocent.

Why did God punish the serpent instead of Satan?


Actually, Jesus was the serpent in the garden, with inherent contradictory potential. This contradiction, was seen by God, as an essential part of creation. The contradiction would be the reality/image problem, where reality would evolve into the way man would come to manage his life. The temptation of Eve, foreshadows the temptation of Christ ,and Christ, in essence is the very same redemptive duplicity man would become, because man was created in God’s image.

God imbues man with the duplicity, he feels responsible for him, and has to create a redemption because his creation has potential to exercise his will irrespective of good or evil. Man comes from God, and in order for him to return, he has to go through this cycle . Satan is figurative and the serpent the literal expression of the negative of the light of this life force, the absence of which is the darkness of non-being.(hell)

Hell in this plane, is not other people, but absence of them, and really, everything. Presence is the redemptive quality, which the serpent can’t stand. The presence of God-Man is an affront to the serpent, one of the oldest beings, and yet incapable of understanding God, because of it’s conditional understanding of the purpose of the creation of man,whose superior development in it’s limited view, doesn’t deserve the gift. What defeats Satan, the being behind the serpent, is…is, it’s inability to prescribe the notion of transcendence as extrinsic, yet in the moment of transcendence equivocating that with an imminent apprehension of the creation.

For such a view, evolution would not have had a beginning. The serpent world would pre dominate. The absence would posit no light, the abyss would be real. Hell would validate chaos, and they natural, would pre empt the myth thereby destroying it .

Christ, who overcomes His own faithless doubt, in himself, and through himself, in overcoming the temptation to fall into the torpor of blaming God for creating Him. This is what Goethe understood, in Faust. (Nietzsche? Not that he didn’t see it, but he had grave doubts, just like the Grand Inquisitor.)

Chapter and verse to this please.


Putting Paul MacLean’s theory of the triune brain in a metaphysical interpretation, the Serpent is the reptilian brain that evolves into mammalian brain and neocotexial brain. (See Carl Sagan’s "The Dragons of Eden). All three brains remain operative. The Serpent is similar to the id. It expresses instinctual behavior. It is about physical need which must be addressed by the higher brain systems. In this sense God’s condemnation of the Serpent allows the serpent to exist with modifications. Except in extreme neurotic or psychotic conditions, the serpent in the human psyche is relegated to an urge that may or may not be addressed. It’s overweening voice is muted.

  this is absolutely right.
 Comes from primordial gnosis, not  imprimatur biblical sources.

Without an adversary (Satan, Serpent) Adam would have been a mere puppet, a man with no free will.

Satan was God’s created servant. Goethe

The nakedness of Adam and Eve, after their fall into mind, was the first recognition of self-consciousness. The self conscious mind was able to consider good and evil.
I can’t cite the NT references but have read there that Satan was referred to as “that old Serpent”.
Satan, in OT & NT is the one who tempts.

I believe the myth of Eden persists because it is a good metaphor for the evolving human brain. We possess a triune psyche. Each part of this trinity ‘speaks’ from its own POV—id, ego, superego as Serpent, Eve and Adam. In the myth God condemns the serpent by putting it in enmity with the woman and by taking away its feet, so that it has to crawl on its belly. The R-Complex, id, Serpent had to lose its dominance over human action and reaction in order for there to be room for cognitive exploration of options–Adam, who is rational enough to name the animals. Eve is the emotional impulse that persuades Adam to act. I may be wrong, but I believe Paul D.Maclean’s theory of the triune brain fits the Eden story like a glove.

My esoteric view does not see Jesus as the serpent.

This clip shows a baby using it’s free will yet it has no adversary. It just seeks the best survival technique. So I do not think adversaries have anything to do with free will. If I go to a restaurant, I do not need an adversary to choose ham instead of fish.


I do not agree and think it only persists because men like to use it to deny women equality. Have you forgotten what religions are presently doing to our women ?

Making second class citizens of our mothers, wives and daughters. And we men let them.


This is a social-secondary truth. Dig deeper into the human psyche and you will find the Snake, Eve and Adam of the Eden myth.

I agree. They are all imaginary characters we are to try to internalize to activate our pineal gland and third eye for enlightenment.

All religious myths are created for us to do this with them I think.

You have to remember that where you and I can dig deeper, many believers just do not have what it takes to do as you suggest. If they did we would likely not be discussing this issue.


I’m only noting that predominant religious myths may have biological origins. This would make them indelible in or psyches. This would not detract from the spiritual value of the myths; it would simply make spirituality more personal.

Perhaps. That personal view is sold by many religions but not much or seriously as churches want you to follow the hierarchy and not your personal views. They care about their survival and not your spirituality.


Not all churches are of that ilk. I see Satan as the adversary within–something that must be overcome if one desires to be spiritual. He is not the outside opponent .He can exist within me if I allow it.

 If You carry this line of argument to it's limit, then it's not only that religion has a biological source, but an evolutionary one.  That is if, one is willing to ascribe to the notion within the concept of Creation.

  Then, evil will basically reduce to the instincts, an it's mechanism.  Within that scope, good and evil would equivocate with naïveté and it's growing nemesis, fear, respectively.

He’s only interested in stereotypes.