Who the best Philosopher in Modern Times?

i only ask that you not say Zizek, not because he isn’t/is, but because I want someone a little deeper than that, he’s not exactly writting for the deeper end of the intellectual pool- it’s a choice, and he’s sucessful and all. I’ve seen deeper conversation listening on the bus.

So, who is currently, as in having published something (on the net or books) in the least 5 years, on the top of the game?

I honestly can’t point at someone. If a alien race came, and told me ‘take me to your best philosopher’ I’d be at a total lost. The most popular isn’t any longer indicative of the best, just rather pop culture status.

So perhaps the world is too homogenized now for that type of distinction. But, I assume you want to be the next great, that’s the impression I got in your ebooks thread. Ok, you have my vote, now being that I’m a nothing as you implied, how does it feel to be though of as great by a nothing, and who’s respect exactly are you looking for?

Contra you can’t look at philosophy as the end all be all of everything. Look at it like a ball that you can play with. Something that you can use to your benefit. There’s no glory to be had in the world man, you should know this. The only thing you should be thinking about is finding an end to the angst and dissonance that so obviously plagues you.

That being said, there are a lot of good philosophers who are alive and writing. I don’t know how one would go about ranking them to see who’s the best.

Anyway, there’s Hintikka, Ned Block Susan Haack, Peter Singer, Alvin Plantinga, Saul Kripke I could go on and on. Those are just the ones a stoner can pull out of his ass while totally hung over from the worst night of binge drinking in at least 2 years.

What’s the real question that you’re asking here?

A quick off topic question since you mention getting shit faced, did many people you know care about the sf/baltimore game where you live?

A lot, but not as many as who care about the BCS championship game.

Contra…I actually have a real answer. I think that Nick Saban is the best philosopher. He’s a pragmatist and it’s working…or something like that. Some kind of system building pragmatic goal oriented hybrid machine.

Nevermind, enough about football.

Hey contra, I have an old professor who’s the dean of economics at U of Capetown now and he writes all kinds of philosophy. Don Ross. He edited some shit for Dennett and speaks all over the place, (or he used to I’m not sure how much of that he does now because he works like a slave). He did a paper called, “moral fictionalism : why metaethical error theory shouldn’t imply policy quietism” You can probably find it online.

He released a book in the last couple of years with James Ladyman, (if you’ve ever heard of that guy), called, “everything must go, metaphysics naturalized”. Great stuff. And he’s alive and modern.

Which field of philosophy are we talking about?


Just out of curiousity, why do you believe that Zizek is not writing for the deeper end of the intellectual pool? Can you define all the terms of Lacanian psychoanalysis? I am a Zizekian myself. Yes his later works have appeared to sort of try to dumb down the content to be more accessible to people not well versed in lacanian terms, however I see no issue with trying to help others understand what at times can be a rather sly system that is constantly re-defining its terms in Lacan’s works.

Take the aliens to Alasdair MacIntyre. Have them read, “After Virtue”…

Indicate to them that I am a river.

The best of modern times is the one that affects kids still. He is taught to most kids in the civilized world. We all learned from him on how to behave and think. I guarantee if you look at yourself you will see the effects of his works.
Dr. Suess. No I am not kidding.