Who wants a ride?

Smooth’s motorcycle

We are talking about a 400 mph, 500 horsepower motorcycle!!! What!?!

Talk about XXI pimping!

Did you buy one? If so, I call the first ride!!! :sunglasses:

oh yea right. I think that motorcycle is going for $250,000,000 or maybe it is a quarter of a million… either way… more than I can afford, thus far.


$250,000,000 is “Two-hundred fifty million dollars”. You probably meant “$250,000”.

Well, once you get promoted to General-Major (or whatever the top position is in the Marines), let me know.

I’ll chip in $10.00 or so, and then…

yes, then…

begins daydreaming

…then, we will take a little ride. Okay? :smiley: