Who will make a perfect bride or groom?

I have heard once that men wants to marry a virgin woman.
I have heard the religious women are the most purest, at least potentially.
I have heard the irrational beings say money and good looks.

However I have claim the perfect women to be when someone have said that they saw a woman who is beautiful and a virgin, and she said the words she wanted to become a nun.

Now girls, would you not say I would be the perfect groom?

Girls? Where?
Oh, overthere:

One of them said something, and she asked me to pass it on:

"Marriage culture is mostly dogmatic dillusion, and your expectations will only equate to let downs. Once you stop expecting, then you can begin to understand.

It doesn’t matter how truly good the person is; for your partnership to work, all you need is a similar-enough direction in life, and loyalty.

There is no perfect wife, and to want one is to destroy the good that is imperfectly within her – that could have potentially grown more, if fed what we call “attention/appreciation”."

If you cannot tell me what makes a perfect wife or upto a perfect wife,
can you at least tell me what do they possess, what kind of qualites do they have?

Or that comes after marriage?

Holy crap, you two aren’t the same person? Where have I been?

Yah, he is not me.

He totally missed my point.

He is asking the same bullshit question.

Everybodies definition of perfect is different.

All personalities have a sertain arangement of natural desire and theory.

Some things fit better together then others.

Your perfect wife, isn’t someone elses perfect wife.

Want some pointers? Maybe some advice?

Ask Dr.Phil, because he kicks ass.

Believe me, you are not the first to make that mistake…

:smiley: :smiley:

In ancient times and in certain cultures, deciding the best match was the role of the matchmaker and astrology along with the science of types played a big part in this.

While in modern times the ideal match is considered by the needs of our personalities and established societal dictates in the moment itself, the matchmaker considered the qualitative essence blend of the male and female principles (yin and yang) over a life time and could tell, even when very young, the quality of compatibility.

In modern times the emphasis on the needs of our personalities makes this appear absurd yet most divorces occur because of the strength of the attractions of personalities. After a while, the differences in their essential nature become more obvious as the initial personality attractions wear off making life together intolerable so they part.

If men really wanted and valued truth over illusion, would women wear makeup?

From the spiritual perspective, it is the woman who is better able to determine the spiritual quality of the opposite sex. Where a man doesn’t discriminate in this way when young, the woman’s need to carry a baby of a certain quality is the spiritual part of what exists mechanically in nature as “preservation of the species.” So the greater the spiritual quality of the woman, the more selective she will be sexually since by definition such quality is in a minority.

Since in modern times the discriminative heart in relation to the human essence has been dulled in many women through no fault of their own but through enculturation, concern for this essential difference in qualitative male/female perspectives expressed in the amount of sex partners is considered sexist.

Later in life, when a man feels the need for something more than a vehicle to psychologically increase the population with his imagined self importance, the ideal woman becomes different.

I’ve tried to understand this in connection with the life of a talented ancestor of mine. As a divorced man celebrated in the arts, he had access to many women. All of a sudden at age 65 he meets this woman and they are married within a month. This means to me that she had the gift of understanding at the expense of the natural tendency towards vanity. But what does it mean to share on this level?

On a trip to America in the late 1900s, he and his wife were on this ship when a violent storm kicked up in the Atlantic ocean. The Capt., crew, and everyone else were below deck hanging on for dear life. This talented ancestor and wife, made their way to the deck at the risk of their lives in order to take in the energy and experience these oppositional forces of nature in a state of intense chaos. She apparently understood what he understood and could share the depths of it. That is a match. It makes fighting over whether the seat should be up or down irrelevant.

Well, a least it gives me a possibility to look forward to. :slight_smile:

I am the dan who is not smart.

About Dr Phil, I believe he does kick ass because he reminds of Democritus.

Now about Nick, your response is like a lecture that many students would fall asleep, keep it short and simple. I appreciate your astrology side of the argument, but can you not say what is a perfect wife by your perspective or express your ideas what is the perfect wife, and state why , in a short way like the rest of the people.

Who would make the perfect groom?

Well me obviously…

next question.


This is a religion board and as such is based on the spiritual. I can see that you intended more the mundane babble approach so I apologize.

In that case and keeping it simple I’ll say that she has to have a great ass and respond affectionately to “Yo bitch, get me a beer.” With these two attributes, all the rest will take care of itself at least until next tuesday at Phil’s party.

How amusing.

Ah, but I am full of shit! Top that!


“Justice” was institutionalized and organized, instead of being personal, full responsability… Is that better or worse?
And is match making better or worse then personal choice only?
It’s hard to tell.

C’mon, that sucked! That was like watching TV!

Want leads to suffering. If you didn’t want her, you would then see her true value, because only need would be left over.

Stay sober & stay smart. ;p

To my curosity, why would you say you are the perfect groom?
What makes a perfect groom perfect? And can you give me reasons why would women think you are perfect?

From this response I am boldy claiming that the perfect groom is like that of Jesus. Someone who would die and be devoted to someone they love.
If you can claim you are like that I would say congradulations. But do tell me why from a rational explantation not an irrational explanation like that of an animal.

Nick, I would not say I am in the mundane side nor the spirtual side, whatever that is, I am in the golden mean side, which has no attachments.

Now now dan, the full of shit man, even though you are full of it yet there are times you are out of that realm.

I am just a peace maker nothing more.

Who will make a perfect bride or groom?

I’d say boy george but he really doesn’t do enough stuff in total drag…


Who would make the perfect groom…

I dunno, ask my wife, but she wouldn’t say me.

Dan020350 - no such thing as a perfect wife. Why is that?

Because there’s no such thing as a perfect person.

I think you’re right though about Nick’s response. It was too long. It definitely should have been more like a Dr. Phil soundbyte.

“Ya see Dan, I’m just challengin’ ya to get real. Today’s gonna be a chaning day in your life”

Dan, if you don’t want to hear people’s answers, don’t ask a question. Answer it better than Nick did and you can bag him out for being too long winded.


If there is no such thing as a perfect person, then truly the worship of god and jesus, and religion alike, and ethics and virtue all these concepts, teachings, and beings should be abolish and be regarded as madness.

I love to hear people words, but answers that are true I would admire,
But words that came out of no where, is blind truth and should be challenge.

Please tell me why you say this. It seems to me that it is precisely because we are imperfect that we need religion, ethics, and virtue. If you’re perfect, ethics aren’t an issue.


I said that because the response you said earlier

Unless you claim that god, jesus, virtue , and ethics are not perfect things to study , then I would be wrong.


Because I am perfect.

Everyone else are as well, but perhaps they/you haven’t discovered it yet?

Gentiy states there is no perfect person and you said you are, I dunno who to believe but my own instincts.

Why would someone who is perfect claim he is perfect? One who is a defendant or a prosecutor cannot be the judge. Therefore, you are wrong to claim you are perfect, it must be the one who is judging. Since I am judging, you have not convince me you are. If you are perfect you would not be here in the forum.

Ok, I should specify a bit.

We stem from perfection, and so must be perfect in a way. Having perspective can cloud the view of this truth alot of the time because perspective is fun, it is the spice and life, it’s what makes it ebb and flow.

The ironic thing is that we are thrust into this experience at the start of a certain timeline, and so with no knowledge of where we come from we strive. We don’t know exactly what we’re striving for, but we endure, we persist and survive. We get better and smarter, more passionate and more deadly.

We strive for our identity as it flows all around us.