Who will swallow the Corona virus debt? The rich or the poor

Who will swallow the Corona virus debt? The rich or the poor?

Poverty is a condition imposed by governments through the tax system.

The world will have to pay dearly, not only now, but in the near future, for the hardships cause by this pandemic and the various other upcoming health crisis.

We are already handing our children a dying planet. Will we saddle them with more poverty as well?

Poverty is created by the tax system. Gandhi also said that to impose poverty was a crime.

The tax system is controlled by the rich. Demographically speaking, this fact is proven by their outrageous demographic position and control of the legislation.

Will the rich swallow the huge debt that will soon hit us, or will they place the debt as more poverty for our next extinction bound generation?

The next tax laws, everywhere, will show if more poor die, or if the rich will give up their loose change, which is all that it takes, to end poverty.


The goal is to crush all the world’s national economies and currencies in establishing a super singular world economy under a singular global digital electronic currency, once a world currency is established shortly afterwards a singular global government body emerges. The virus is the perfect crisis or candidate for this huge global transference of power.

It’s all by coordinated and carefully crafted design of course meant to appear as a completely random spontaneous event for the general public dumb masses.

this sounds awesome cant wait

Except the people that want to do all of that view you just as expendable as the rest of us, they’re not going to invite you to the table.

Just like I’ve been say’n , 1 trillion dollars is the top limit for personal accumulation, including recession.

Wait and see! After that, economic gravity will implode.

The question is a non starter because if there is any debt, workers always pay for it. Without their labor there would be no money.

That certainly seems the reality of it.

That as well.

What I think is an even greater scam in the US is their student loan scam tricking millions of people into going into debt to the US government by granting them loans that they can’t pay back. Any inheritance they gained from their parents is confiscated by the government (intentionally ensuring they have no jobs). It is a modern version of an old British (and probably much earlier) “debtors prison” and “golden handcuffs” scheme to imprison the population while growing far more government power to take down democracy and eventually instill socialism and global communism.

“Never let a crisis go to waste” he said. Use it to scam and squeeze more power and blood from the poor.

Given that many of our problems will be global, do you think a one world government, not designed to crush anyone, a poor selling point, would be better or worse?


To control one citizen’s limits opens the door to control all citizen’s limits.


Your logic is correct, except that we borrow our debts and that way we pass it to our children.

Good parenting. Not.


Americans also pay the most for health care and drugs, in GDP. Double what many other countries pay.

Strange that the Dems do not push the fact that universal health care would save you money, not waste it the way you do now.

As to Communism. It has a flat demographic pyramid and there is no way we would tolerate that. Our demographic pyramids have always been hierarchical and to expect that to change borders on the ridiculous.


A world government will be a nightmare so I definitely fall into the nationalist political camp. The world government currently in play has nothing to do with liberation and everything to do with total enslavement of the global population.

National governments for all their faults of which they have many a singular world government would be much worse.


You think yourself free now?

Google George Carlin American Dream and get his realistic view.

We are already slaved to our systems, and they are run by our oligarch owners.

That includes the media and our politicians.


Not quite, I know that I’m not free, but the prisoner’s arrangement will be much more worse under a world government. They’ll promise many things concerning to cure society’s ills under national governments but in fact will make them much worse. Their goal is to crush the human spirit and remove all dignity fashioning the global population into their own image. They won’t be happy until they control the human mind entirely making independent thought near impossible.

I didn’t see where he said he was free. It seems to me the larger and more centralized the government, the harder it is for the average person to lobby, for example, and he easier for corporations to lobby. More degrees of separation. No mayor of the town using the same dry cleaner as your sister. Offices in another country. More layers of bureaucracy that corporations would have ways to cut through. It would be a nationalism and an oligarchy with one nation.


Prisoner arrangement?

I do not think we are talking about the same thing.


It greatly lowers service - waiting in lines for months to get minimum care while paying extreme taxes to pay hospital and pharma executives.

Keep in mind there are opposing types of communism - real life communism (dictatorial with a hierarchy) and its opposite - fantasy purist communism (no hierarchy).

Prisoner’s arrangement or dilemma, same thing really. We’re all simply prisoners of this world until we have the ability to buy or purchase our freedom. We live in a global corporate industrial prison state and only retards believe in things like natural occuring freedom.


Prefer a system that bankrupts so many, just for getting sick, and a system that is lowering the U.S. stats on longevity, for twice the price others pay.