Who would you talk to?

if you could travel back in time and talk to one person…who would it be and why?

I would talk to Issac Newton…just to find out if he ever ate that apple!

I’d love to smoke a joint with Yshua even though I don’t believe he’s the son of god. He is, by far, the most influential person in the last 2 millenia.

I would amputate my legs to go back in time and listen to nick drake play music

jesus, but if i pick a ficional charector do i get to pick someone else?

Well if I could pick a fictional character it would be Jesus!

Jesus is my first choice… I’d like to get Kant to explain his philosophy too, but I’d rather see Christ in action first.

Jesus, Aristotle, Nietzsche, Elvis.

if you could travel back in time and talk to one person…who would it be and why?

The first Adam, I’d ask him, how did you feel when you first have an awareness of yourself and your surroundings?

I would talk to myself.

Because I want to know who was I, before I was born in the present.

Jesus… but granted i would be a little unsettled to begin with, talking to the person i’m supposed to model my life after and am not doing a great job of that…

who’s yshua? i’ve never heard that name before.

Jesus, Thomas Jefferson, my mother at 18

Good luck actually conversing with them. You know, in English :smiley:

Hitler, definitely Hitler. I won’t tell you what I will do to him.

why would you want to talk to your mom at 18?


I’d probably travel back to talk with a very powerful healer, to learn about the methods for energy-manipulation towards body-repair, mind-repair, etc… But, people weren’t as smart in the passed as they are now.

If you have an internet connection – it will do you more good, mentally, then a time-machine to any one person in human history.

Collectively, the internet has more knowledge and useful information then any individual alone throughout the existence of earth.


I wouldn’t talk to any of the middle men You know the ones the children or the propets or any liason. Nope, waste of time there. IF god does exist I would go look over God’s shoulder quietly, watch for a bit. Then ask the eternal toddler question Why?

But, since God is iffy, I think I would talk to my great great great grandchildren and invest them with the truth. Plus really freak them out LOL

I never thought of that. That would be something to see. More interesting than Yeshua or anybody else.

Probably Shakespeare, but I wouldn’t discuss theatre with him. I think you can learn from genius at a very simple conversation, even if it’s about weather.

One person? Socrates.
Two people? Socrates and Nietzsche.
Three? above + Bertrand Russell
Four? above + Schopenhauer
Five? above + Marcus Aurelius

A fictional character? Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise. Oh yeah.