Who'd ya vote for: In the Spirit of 'Democracy'

I would…

  • Vote for Thirst if I was held at gunpoint
  • Vote for Thirst because he would make things WORSE
  • Vote for Thirst because I think he is OK
  • Rather die than EVER vote for Thirst
  • Rather kill Thirst than see him as a MODERATOR
  • Not Vote for Thirst, he isn’t mature enough.
  • Leave ILP if Thirst won… & I wouldn’t come back
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My F(R)IEND nominated me for a MODERATOR and I accept. However, in the true spirit of democracy, I think that even if I weren’t nominated I should be able to nominate myself (a la any politician in the U.S.). I hope that you all find the humor in this thread. I am giving you a free shot at Thirst. Anything goes. I would love to hear the jokes… :smiley:

So, vote for me for MODERATOR.


You know, I voted that I would rather be held at gunpoint than vote for Thirst. However, thirst4metal, on the other hand, now there is someone we can all vote for? Right? Right?

Vote thirst4metal! :wink:

This site already has far too many ‘moderators’, most of which have actually put in their time here.

You are too hard on yourself!
Would you be too hard on us? Please comically state your moderating criteria.


As a MODERATOR I would uphold the rules of ILP. I love philosophy and I love this website. Below are various reasons why I love ILP.

More than anything, I love understanding the position of those that don’t agree with me… Why don’t they? There has to be a valid reason (valid in that the person believes it valid). I never agreed with Determinism; however, Dr. Satanical taught me more about it than I had ever understood. It has opened up interesting ideas DESPITE the fact that I still can’t accept it (though perhaps I will if I learn more). I also don’t believe in god, but thanks to BOB and TENTATIVE, today I have a better understanding of god and religion.

I love the members of ILP. Even the members that frustrate me (FtheNaysayers comes to mind) are interesting. For example, I listened to an Eminem song today and thought that Naysayer would actually appreciate it (the song had lyrics that said Eminem was one of the greatest like Biggie and Pac…) I genuinely enjoy the conversations I’ve had with various members and I get to explore an aspect of my personality with each of them (for example patience with Aspacia).

Seriously, if I were put as a moderator I would request to moderate the following forums: Religion, Social Sciences, Mundane Babble, and The Rant House. Although I joke, I doubt you will find a post where I have been unreasonable. Personal attacks or ad hominem doesn’t make me explode with irrational protests (witness my correspondence with FtheNaysayers in the Rant House).

One of the things I would do is ensure that all members understood that all of the forums are for serious, philisophical-level, debates. I would not not tolerate ad hominem attacks against others (I would allow it against me because it doesn’t bother me). I think so many members spend time in the Rant House that they forget that the Religion or Social Science or other forums are not there for irrelevant material. We must remember to keep our Rants separate from our other rooms.

In any case, I put this thread as a joke because I have stated that ILP needs to have a better sense of humor. Writing is a difficult form of communication because so much of our intent is lost. If we gave members the benefit of the doubt some small remark wouldn’t turn into a tremendous bitch fest. I would just ensure that the bitch fest would stay in the rant house.

So, yes, I am a bit immature; however, do not mistake my immaturity for a lack of understanding or a lack of comprehension. As my ghetto days taught me…

I ain’t not stupid. :slight_smile:


Ben… errr, ummm… respectfully, who the fudge is the new mod (or are the new moderators)?

As for the rest of you at ILP:
[size=150]Who did you vote for?[/size]

I voted for Tabula Rasa… (with honorable mention to Phaedrus, GateControlTheory, Tentative, and Uccisore).


Hey, it’s an honor just to be nominated. Er, no wait- that’s the Oscars…