Who's your favorite and least favorite US Senator?

While I was listening to the ayes and no’s I was noticing that many of the no’s sounded like bad persons, hysteric persons on meds. Of course I am biased, but I really did not like these voices they sounded like people belonging on the bleachers of a roller derby match. Not in the Senate regulating peoples lives.

So I thought lets conduct an independent research for these people.

Wikipedia has a nice page with logistic info for every Senator.
I will be looking into it.
But I will need help, figuring the spoons from the forks as they say in the soup kitchen.

So here is the list
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_c … tes_Senate

Let me see if I can copy that for you.
Ok no. Damn. It gets way too messy.

My favorite Senator so far is definitely Susan Collins. I know her best because I listened to her speech with total surprise. It felt like I was sitting in the army listening to Lincoln. Anyway, this is my question. Who is good, who is bad, and most especially, why.