Who's your oldest ancestor you can trace?

Adalbert, Lord of Grandson, Switszerland
geni.com/people/Adalbert-Lo … 5680060786

Born roughly 960

Thankfully, I was able to trace one aspect of my lineage back to Salem, Massachuttes, then through great improbability (most lines ended up dead ends, especially the women) to some nobles from leichester, and I kept coming up against barriers, pushing back. Lots and lots of French names, none before 1066, but one swong me to Switzerland, and this old fart.

Unfortunately, it turns out one of my great grandparents on my mother’s father’s side was a old Blue Blood in Massachuttes, so that really helped me piece together the links.

I’m deeply surprised I was able to connect enough generations together to do this. I honestly thought it would all dry up given how many English ancestors there were, seems they only remembered the city they were from, and nobody kept records over yonder.

I’m by no means exhausted my search. Got a bunch of stinking royals to finish looking generation to generation to, and that’s no assurity a female ancestor got knocked up out of wedlock.

In fairness, that Salem lot, half the Americans on this forum could possibly trace back to them.

Over 1,000 years bitches. Yeah!

English, Norman, Swiss- I’m a bit embarrassed. I kept looking up absurd names on wiki, found some old paintings from the Norman era… I have a pic of a ancestor from the 1800s, he had my beard, how the hair grew, but the drawlings were so primitive they could be anything. Just wish I could trace sone of the more common ancestors and just not the nobility, makes it look like my lineage was only royal blood for half a millenium. I kniw thats not the case with anyone. Lots of little people just dissapear, pop up with a odd female name who was beautiful enough to marry a knight. No sign of them.

geni.com/people/William-de- … 3086734719

No, found one born in England in 1065, though definitely of Norman Blood. Which stumps the fycking hell out if me, didn’t know the Norman’s were already pushing in.

Here is a older one, Harold Avenel born 860, Scandinavia.

Long ass paper trail that is confirmable of my ancestors fucking.

Alright, some non-norman stock, oddly enough Leicester again.

Hugues “the Elder” de Grandmesnil, Lord of Grandmesnil and Sheriff of Leicester 1032

Was also a bunch of Irish kings too, everyone was heavily inbreeding, I keep thinking I’m making mistakes and back checking, and no- everyone is fucking first cousins.

That Norman born in 1065, the family came over six years prior to the invasion. I’m scratching my head at the dynamics here.

New oldest traceable, Hrolf Nefja, born 826 Norway. Come on, let me get someone from the 700s.

geni.com/people/Bernard-Kin … 0186468901

Bernard, King of Lombardy
Born 979

Fast forward:

Arnoul, bishop of Metz born year 582

Ha Ha Ha.

I was having trouble tracing my family back beyond the mid 1700s before, now got 582, according to the paper trail. Of course, like, everyone slightly European is descended from him in actuality now… but I got a very windy paper trail. One almost certainly wrong given infidelity, but good enough for the court of law.

He does have my beard.


Leutfrid, duke of the Alemannians born 500

No, Pretextat of Rheims born 470

No, De Merovingian, Marcomir IV King of the Eastern Franks born between 347/351
wallacegreinerfamily.com/getpers … familytree

Franco, King of the West Franks: geni.com/people/Francio-Kin … 0110075094

100% certain that is a lie, but I have a highly distinguished paper trail as good as any saying so. Cocksuckers even said I’m descended from the Trojan Hector.

Next time a Nietzschean starts blathering about nobility and ancestry, I’m gonna say I’m descended from Hector, and got proof!

I suppose I can somehow link it to a ancient God, but whatever. I don’t care at this point.

Some here no doubt trace their ancestors all the way back to Adam and Eve.

:slight_smile: when I was born my father’s very upper crust family did an expensive gene search because I was a redhead born to two black haired parents. They knew my mom married for money ( :slight_smile: dad told mom after the wedding that he signed away his rights to the money). My Mom’s mom had connections to older family and found that in my grandfather’s family every two or three generations one or two redheads pop up. My great great grandfather was the only redhead and now I am., though my Brunette son has a red beard.
That is about all I ever cared to know about my ancestry, I do know my mother’s family was not bigoted and bred with any skin color.

In the year 1887. Great Grandmother from Marseilles, France.

Great grandfather from Stuttgart, Germany.

Seriously though I have never really understood this fascination that some have with figuring out who their ancestors were. In fact, I just assumed it was something that entrepreneurs thought up to make money.

In other words, convince enough people that this is something they should know and then offer up your “services” in helping them to track all the ancestors down.

On the other hand, suppose there really is something embedded in our genes such that if our ancestors were from Germany rather than from France that might actually explain particular behaviors of ours.

That’s something to consider I suppose.

But if that isn’t really a relevant factor, I just don’t see the point. After all, how would knowing who my great-great-great grandfather was have any practical impact on the life that I am living today?

It’s like this: suppose I found out that my mother and father [the ones who raised me] were not my actual biological folks. That instead I was adopted. My real mom and dad might be out there somewhere and I wouldn’t know who they were.

Again, for some this is a big deal. But not for me.

Why? My best guess? Dasein.

Although, yeah, I’m sure there might be any number of factors that I am neglecting to explore here. But then that’s how these things generally work. Everything finally comes down to the particular set of assumptions you start out with — without anyone able to come up with the optimal set of assumptions.

Consider for example this particular set: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toto_the_Hero

Cinematically, a truly insightful exploration into identity and dasein.

I traced a few more leads to royalty, with the same bizarre hopscotch between nobel families. Found more “fake” ancestors after they were made knights and MPs under Henry something or another, they wrote a take as shit geneology that everyone now calls bullshit from.

I also read one of my female ancestors fucked a Quinotaur.

Honestly, how can you look someone in the eye and claim you fucked that? What are you hoping to get out of it? Irons out your claim to authority and rule, that one of your ancestors fucked that thing and made a baby, and your the mutant hybrid descendant of it?

I liked my family tree better when I could claim I was a descendant of Popeye the Sailor Man. Fucking mutant manatee isn’t cool.

With all this new aged stuff caricatureizing reel nobility, the ones really having it wouldn’t be caught dead being on the same page. Put it down to marginalizing a historically dead epoch truncated from it’s nearly gone past.

Like someone saying long ago: Remembrances of the past. Sad that the past has become opportune to the whimsical vices of political de-classe.

Course the ones lucky enuf to survive with their heads in tact, should keep their mouths shut.

Just wait til they put DNA from the famous dead online. There is a commercial for a DNA company that tests your DNA and let’s you know your true ethnicity, the next step is tracing through ancient DNA