Whover brought in the New Smilies

Props to you [bro]. O:) :banana-angel:


It’s a fucking Goku smiley!

Holy shit.


you only just noticed the smilies now dude? :doh:

The ‘New’ smilies.

And like a week before I made my OP. O:)

You’re still late… they’ve been new for over a year or two now :slight_smile:

I can only use the smilies that I know the code for as am modding from my I-phone for now :frowning: (I obviously know the one for that) :smiley:

Wow. If i couldnt have access to all the smilies I dont think I could have any reason to exist here as an entity anymore.

Then again I guess one can get used to almost anything given enough time.