Why am I so fabulous?

This is so PoR can look in a mirror and ask himself:

"What the hell was I thinking when I wrote [b]“Why am I so charismatic?”

[/b]Please take this thread knowing that my tongue was firmly implanted in the side of my ever so fabulous cheek."

[size=150]Because I just am dammit !!![/size]

Sorry, Tab, but this thread is about [size=200]ME.[/size]

Thassokay - You can be fabulous too…

In traditional PoR fashion you would say " Why am i so fabulous? Today i looked at myself and saw a fabulous person… I recently won the hycrogani fabulomatic award with a 34% blah blah blah"

Perhaps it has something to do with your excessively large penis.

you can’t be comparatively fabulous tho, it’s a superlative.

Yes, but overuse of a word leads to it’s becoming redundant. An example of this would be how Alan Hansen on Match of the Day describes every reasonable bit of play as ‘unbelievable’.

Ahh - but as such, you can be - Absolutely Fabulous… Not unlike myself. And my exessively large penis. :evilfun:

While I’ve no doubt that you, Tab, would win the ILP annual dick waving contest (where one has to break blocks of ice and chop up the ingredients for a fruit salad using one’s member) I wouldn’t say you were absolutely fabulous.

I wouldn’t say it.

mouth full ?

Yes, of cheese and onion pasty. Check the timing, I’m posting this literally 30 seconds after I made my prediction.

Dr. S,

You talkin’ to me?