Why are all the moderators and administrators posting now?

I’ve noticed alot of moderators and administrators who normally don’t post are suddenly posting again… all at once. Did California do one of it’s court ordered release of prisoners from overcrowded prisons? Is school out? What’s with the synchronistic return? It’s like watching a choreographed flash mob dancing on the street… everyone’s names are all sorts of colors on the index page… blues, greens, blacks… . . . . … pink … all sorts of colors.

Schools out for some, I’m feeling weller, and the rest are posting as per…

I like to tell myself that its because I made a few posts lately. God knows I’ve said some fucked up shit in this place. The biggest philosophical unknown I can envision is why I’ve never been banned. Detailing threads with photos of pot and skanks. Constantly making every conversation into something else. Using subversive argumentative tactics not to clarify my view but to make it seem more complex than it is. Demanding others induct while I deduct but doing it in a way that doesn’t get noticed quick enough. Being a constantly bragging, arrogant egotistical asshole who reasons from the assumption that I am always right, then widens each side of the debate to where I can’t be wrong, but tries to force someone into bad semantics by getting them to agree with spurrious definitions then just wearing them down will bullshit until they give up. Constantly equivocating then making out like I didn’t, and pretending the single definition can encompass mutually exclusive propositions. I mean come on guys. That’s pretty much all I do besides tell my terribly unfunny jokes.

a lot of oldies are posting :slight_smile:

Yeah, I mean Ichthus pre-dates me even. Doesn’t She™.

I think I’m the longest standing member.

Really…? Who were you before…?

‘Less’, presumably…

I’m here all week.