Why are Indians feeble

Why people of India are so weak in body? I have heard that it is due to multiple famines that have occured in India? Indians do the poorest in sports involving physical fitness and strength. But do Indians have very sharp brains? Brazilians and mexicans are equally developed as India but their people are physcically strong, and they excell in football, but why Indians are weaker? Do Indians have greater mental ability, Or is it a myth? Anybody would please explain for me?


…the average Indian person, perhaps, but they also have their alpha/elite… just like every other continent - believe me I know, for I have bore witness to a 6’3’’ strapping male… and that was just a 14 year old slightly post-pubescent :laughing:

No,it’s a myth.
for example:Dilip singh rana(alias-THE GREAT KHALI,W.W.E. superstar)
hight -7’3"
weight-410 lb(190 k.g.)

Khali is an extreme case…plus he is a country fellow of Himanchal pradesh a north Indian hilly state, where they grow huge, atleast some of them…In-general I observe that Indians are less powerful than Europeans who inturn are less powerful than Africans…level of fitness in India is very bad because, excersise is not taken seriously. Indians do extremely poor in sports requiring physical strength, in general Indians are very comfort loving and tied in the class system of caste that only encourages sports of the aristocrate class to be admired and played, like cricket, chess etc…sports involving physical strength are seen as the sport of shudras and hence looked down upon.


the weather in india is too hot,so indians have no interest in sports and games.

A good test of this is to compare pure-bread Indians in their native land to pure-breads in other countries (preferrable Europe and North America) - if they’re skinny-minis across all groups, it would be fair to say the cause is genetic - if not, it’s environment. Personally, my bet is on genes. Different races of human beings are like that. Africans are by far the stronger race, and Asians (Indians and Orientals) seem to be at the more scrawny end.