why are men violent when in groups, like fraternities/gangs

im watching a national geographic “dark side of chimps” talking about how chimpanzees go out in groups of men, looking for a chimp from a neighboring colony. if they find one by himself, they grab and beat the crap out of him, be glad you didnt see the picture.

so perhaps when these monkeys go out with all their clan mates to practice their physical strength, they have a reason beyond pure sadistic violence for their unusually violent behavior. it seems that status in a monkey society is a very important thing. they all wish they were the alpha monkey, and getting close is good. proving your strength in any way will help you get laid if you prove it is greater than somebody elses.

thats why they enjoy finding a weak monkey who is an easy target for their strength displays. not because they are some kind of ‘psychopathic sadist’ but they just have an ulterior motive, they want to get laid just like we all do.

does this behavior sound familiar to anybody? is it me or do frat boys turn up their violence knob when surrounded by fellow frat boys? is there any empirical evidence in the human world that would make frat boys think that fighting=laid like it does in chimp society? could it be purely genetic instinct? do frat boys post on philosophy message boards?

There is a thing called “small group influnce”. It is where a normal person can be taken into a group of people and slowly as time goes by are more and more influnced by that group. That’s why I don’t stay in groups for very long. I would like to keep me mental state, even if it is deranged.

babe, the question isn’t how long, the question is simply how.

i mean you gotto know what’s good and bad, take the good and reject the bad, this doesn’t only strengthen your observational ability, but also your mental strangth. running away isn’t the best way you know.


Did they happen to show what Female chimps will do to another female they don’t like… or her babies for that matter?

It ain’t just the males that are violent.

Heeelo! Ed thinks there’s a social rank problem stuck with this, don’t you think so too? Strange how humans/other species tend to all have these ranks… As for humans, Ed knows that when Ed is frustrated, Ed wants to throw away bad emotions… Connections? Think of a bad day at work, bad people around you, bad bad bad bad things add up, so bad, one needs to punch stuufs out. Maybe the weak monkey won’t beat Ed back…! OUch! Woops…

man alive! Cowboy bepop’s one of the few anime that I like, but holy fuck, you don’t have to actually write in character. Imagine if I did that? With a name like hermes the thrice great I’d sound like a Satanic Version Of the King James Bible

in the year two thousaaaand

in the year two thousand, scientists will discover that having a tiny dick will not stop men from living a mediocre life, and all wars and selfishness end soon after.

When people get in groups their self identity has decreased. You no longer have the same responsibility for yourself, and are more likely to do things that do not fit your normal self image. Also, in groups like gangs and fraternities, its an extremely hard process to get in, ie. to get in you gotta go through some shit. When we attain something that was hard to get, we value it more, and when reference to groups, we become more attatched to that group, and become closer to the members. This allows for more social influence, and conformity. But basically, its because your sense of identity isn’t as strong anymore.


When we are in large crowds, our minds assign the responsibility for actions to the group rather than the individual. So, feeling safe from any direct responsibility for our actions (on subconcious as well as concious levels), we act in groups like angry drunk guys do alone.

Actually, groups do diminish your individuality. They diminish your own conscience, and when a “group of frat boys” want you to do certain things, you feel compelled, or controlled to do that certain something. Some groups may fulfill their announced goals, benefiting their members and society, others may turn into a nightmare of exploitation, fear and violence. So it becomes necessary to have a way of evaluating groups, avoiding those that are, at best, ineffective and, at worst, injurious.
I mean, there ARE groups who encourage NONVIOLENCE, for example.