Why are people asocial?

I think people have become asocial because great ideas are forbidden. Stupid and mediocre ideas have become obligation and we are pushed everywhere to repeat them. There belong also such ideas about going to work, going to school, going out, going on holiday, driving a car etc. In the end you have no more time for anything really great. The world is full with the little sufferings which everybody must remove from the world as a duty. Small sufferings and even smaller satisfaction is all that is left to us and gradually everybody becomes accustomed to such a poor existence until he even becomes afraid to change anything.

This makes us a double dissatisfaction: first, we despise our weakness to do something better and then we despise our fear of doing nothing. A man who has nothing to do could still start thinking, but then, he is afraid of thinking. He can not think if he can not do it, so he stops thinking?

Isn’t fear and cowardice the main reason for all boredom in the world? And courage the source of all new worlds and new joys?

Do you feel that this boring world has taken you as hostage or are you ready to turn your back on him?

what makes you think people are asocial at all?

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people are social because they need each other to survive it very simple really.

I still think people are asocial. Their associations last too short, are too shallow and with little content. So is everything that is small.

In former time small people could celebrate the deeds of their king and lay their hopes in great deeds in general, because arts were up for simulating great deeds, but now nothing is great and possible.

We all miss the monarchy, but we have to move on man.

Into abyss.

The world is only boring for those with their eyes closed. :smiley:

Then you know nothing about the melancholy of the genius. You are the guru of trifflosophy.

Look at the light too long and you go blind.

If anything, - boredom is a catalyst for change. Just think about it dude. If you are bored as hell with your existence, it makes you want to do something else to relieve that boredom. Fear and

cowardice are limiting factors but if the boredom becomes too great, the pleasure derived from relieving that boredom becomes greater than the threats of pain from fear and cowardice. And

that’s how you get change. O:)