Why are some people mean?

What’s wrong with them? Why are they like that? WHat do you do when faced with a total prick?

I sigh.

If you want practice in dealing with a total prick, PM me for details!

We ban them (hint hint)…

Walk away and if you can’t do that, ignore them and if you can’t do that, make them look away then blindside them with a swift left hook then you run like hell.

They get pleasure out of intimidation. You have to find the way to make it unpleasant for them to be a prick or more pleasurable for them to not be a prick.

Most people try to out prick each other, like the Isrealis and Palestenians. That works real well as you can see.

If you’re not a prick you can’t out prick a prick, so you have to just ignore them and be nice to them. It’s important to not let them intimidate you. When they act like pricks, I try not to show fear because they get off on scaring you. I try to let them be pricks and then show them that I accept their prickish ways, it doesn’t scare me, and I still love them anyways.

There is nothing you can do…this “prick” was my older brother. i had a 4 year gap between us. mom and dad worked all the time, he pretty much kept me in check. in his terms that was. and i found that there is nothing you can do with pricks. I have a theory that most “pricks” are the “oldest” chidren, they learn to be pricks by bossing there siblings around. And i found that most people agree, really think about it. Think about every relaxed, nice, calm people you know, are they the older or younger sibling? Think about every asshole,dick,prick out there you know. Are they only children? or the oldest? I personally believe its the direct connection between whether or not your an asshole to people, you learn to handle other people your age by how you deal with and live with your siblings.

My choice where
[a] Be his slave to every will.
[b] Say no, Take a beating.
[c] Make him feel like the peice of shit he was, then take a beating.
[d] step [c] then attept to fight back…im my case, take another beating.

All you can do is Stand up to them, fight fire with fire. If you backdown they win, and they wont back down.