why are some people violent selfish animals?

why is it that i love my neighbor and will always try to help him, barring the effects of me not paying attention, and others think i am crazy for thinking like this, saying that an eye for an eye is the way to go.

many of my friends who i met through drug use do not feel the same way i do about humanity. the only difference i am able see between me and them is that i am much smarter than they are. i also feel that my life will, compared to theirs, fall into my lap with only minimal use of my impressive brain. this makes me feel good. so good that im in debt to the good fairy and i have to give some back. maybe my mom did it.

obviously we cant do this to everybody in the world to make them stop killing eachother. would showing osama a film of violence and electrically shocking him make him associate the pain of others with pain in himself? ive always doubted how this would work on a rational creature like a grown man. if we did it to kids would it work?

is it a matter of saying words to kids about empathy? is it a state of mind that comes only with other states of mind, like the one of uneven goodness i have? if 5 of my relatives are killed by robbers will i feel differently about that?

why does anybody ever want to hurt, i dont understand.

What makes you think that people like Osama doesn’t understand empathy? Maybe he does that is why is he uses pain to extract what he wants. Because it works. His political language is violence. I bet you he also understands peace and freedom to live without fear.

well as much as i hate osama, i wouldnt kill his son for something his dad did. i wouldnt kill the civilians in the country he ran if he, the jerk leader was doing naughty stuff in my country. id blow up the people doing the naughty stuff once all diplomatic options are exhausted. i would not kill innocent civilians because i wouldnt want my family dying like that.

osama was a bad example since i dont think he considers infidels equal to him, and therefore not applicable under the golden rule. i want to know about ‘regular’ people like the friends we all have who wont hesitate for a second when it comes to helping themselves before others. what is their problem.

The “regular” people you speak of are hard to find nowadays. But what do I know. I think if there were competing needs, their needs or your needs, they would definitely satisfy theirs first. Maybe we shoudn’t confuse this with “random acts of kindness” such as when there’s fire and a stranger tried to help someone trapped inside the burning house, or a drowning person saved by a friend.

something real simple like washing dishes, or not washing them, makes me so mad my head explodes.

my old roomates would cook semi-daily, and then leave the dirty dishes in the sink. they knew i cooked every day and that i would have to wash the dishes since they wouldnt be home, and then i would wash them again since its easier to do when you dont let them sit around for days. this happened very often.

some animals, if they see the opportunity to take advantage of somebody else, they will actually do it. they will actually try to gain something at the expense of others. i mean holy shit what is wrong with you if you dont care that youre annoying somebody. i cannot come close to fathoming this indifferenece.

therefore i believe that these selfish animals dont have a soul and are actually automatons sent here to trick me into thinking not following the golden rule is normal, or “cool”.

Dont rouble youorself to deal with such people and get away from them at the soonest opportunity without losing youor dignity.

It souunds like an unfortunate situation.