Why are we afraid of death?

When we die there are two possible options. We go to an afterlife,whatever that may be (heaven or hell) or there is no afterlife in which case we will not even know we are dead. So why be afraid of dying? We will either live forever or we wont even be aware of anything at all!!

I doubt very much anyone is truly afraid of ‘death’, but rather the loss of life. There is a difference.

Because we just don’t know what happens to us when we die. Could be a fear of the unknown.

It’s so hard imagining not existing. I almost don’t believe that there was a time that I didn’t exist. It’s perfectly logical but is it true? ‘Me, conscious, now’ is the only state I ever am consciously aware of.

Every ‘thing’ I am made of has always been around. Cells, molecules, atoms, quarks. Quarks are probably made of something too. They travel fast. Through time maybe. They respond to thoughts and are like energy waves and sometimes they are like particles.

No reason for that.

Our existence is controled by the Will to live.All things that counterwork the will to live is fearful to our nerve center.

I think it is more a fear of loss then death. We spend all our lives accumulating people whom we love and who loves us, gathering knowledge. Plus most people really hate to waste hard work. Face it when you die there is a 50/50 chance that everything you have worked for and accomplished will be for nothing, mean nothing. Poof gone That thought is a tad irritating to me if I had to go through all of this for nothing I think I would finally lose control and come unglued, you would see a little supernova happening in the heavens if I found out I busted my butt, controlled myself all for nothing. My energy would (I hope) go super nova on the smart ass that started this whole mess.

So I think it is fear of losing all that you have mentally accomplished and hold. Very few people are concerned over property loss.

maybe its like that time you were grounded and your friends were going out drinking. aka you might be missing something if you die.

or maybe we all hoard the future and can’t get enough of it(you greedy air hungry bastards) :wink:

I’d have to say it doesn’t have much to do with pain and suffering as much as it does with the unknown and ultimate change.

it’s definitely a fear of the unknown. same reason little kids are afraid of the boogeyman. they don’t know if he exists or not, what he’s like, what he’s gonna do, etc etc.


Or you could go to an afterlife and be punished . There could be punishment


Redundancy, in the engineering context of the word.

I’m going to give a really simple answer.

I like living. I don’t want to stop.

I worry more about those I love dying than myself.

We are afraid of death because it’s really scary… ‘What? but I just broke this body in just the way I like it and I am actually aware of it. What do you mean it has to go? Who came up with these rules? What cruel joke is this…?’

Fear of death seems only to amount to a survival mechanism (it seems in built; you know, Gazelles sprinting away for fear of being preyed upon by Lions? Is this fear or vying for survival? A little bit of both? Just a slight variation? Do you think said Gazelle ponders these questions while being pursued? Why does an immune system fight off infections? Is it fear? Where do we draw the line? How can we find reconciliation? Do we need reconciliation? Should we need reconciliation?) … I’m sure this has already been mentioned. Your job is to romanticize said fear so that it becomes crucial for you to preserve your self.

'Cause we’re afraid of changes and death, of course, is the ultimate change.

Ch-ch-changes, turn and face the strain, hmm hmm hmmm…