Why are YOU here?

Please formulate, as completely yet as briefly as possible, your main reason for accessing ILP. E.g., if you’re a lurker, don’t just say “I like to read what people write here”, but tell me why you like that. Oh wait, lurkers don’t post, do they… Anyway, I think you should get the picture.

Though sometimes I come here just for entertainment’s sake, my main reason is to further my studies. The threads I start typically begin with an idea I have thought out to an extent, then continue with me thinking aloud, correcting myself as I think necessary, and pursuing the way of the arrow I launched in my OP. The arrow tends to hit the ground sooner or later, not the bull’s eye, but that doesn’t matter: what matters is that I found new problems in the process—e.g., obstacles that blocked my arrow’s path. It’s like standing in the spot that marks how far I’ve brought light into my darkness so far; then shooting a flaming arrow and following it. And as for my target: I suppose it’s out there, though I do not know; I do not know what I am yet—what I shall become. But at least I am progressing

Practice English.

When I started coming here it was mostly because of boredom.

Actually, it still is. My work has a lot of downtime and I like to argue. I also like philosophy. So about 1/3rd of my posting consists of me genuinely trying to solidify my own philosophical stance. 1/3rd is me taking my own philosophical leanings to their absolute limit to see how well I can defend absurd implications of my own thought. The last 1/3rd is just me looking to pick an argument and see where it goes.

To discuss random topics with those that have the ability to be able to do so with me - my brain was becoming stifled by the babbling idiots I found myself constantly surrounded by on a daily basis, so ILP is like a haven to me, of which I am grateful.

Because it’s free and pleasurable where it costs less than a six pack of beer.

Have you any idea at all how funny you’ve just been…? I mean, it’s just gone past 3am here, and I’m about to hit the hay with a grin so wide it’s almost cut the top of my head off.

I think it’s routine at this point.

I wasn’t supposed to come across as funny with my reply - I was being deadly serious :confused: unless you meant the ‘Babbling idiots’ part, then yes, that made me laugh too :smiley:

There are no people around me in real life that are interested in philosophy (even casual philosophy). Some don’t even know what the word philosophy means or what it’s about.

Came here to talk about philosophy. Learned a good bit. If you’re looking to learn, it’s all here, you just have to look. Aside from that, it’s a good place to show off my narcissism and ego. I can be a crazy person and it’s all good.

I know. That’s what made it so funny.

I’m not interested in preserving the status quo; I want to overthrow it.

Niccolo Machiavelli

For me its either discuss life and its little tangles with folks here and at other forums during my breaks or watch daytime TV. Which would you rather do?

Perfect my English Language. :-"

‘Language’ shouldn’t be capitalised, unless it’s in a title.

Tab, LOL.

:laughing: Cut the kid a little slack, he was on a marathon posting session, after all. :wink:

Nein!!! Every İ muz be dotted, every t crozzed ze fuhrer demandz it.

Hello Tabby, Dictator Extraordinaire