why couldnt frodo return to the shyre ?

after frodo compleated his journey (destroying the ring) he couldnt go back to life at the shyre . hobbit land was awsome, all his freinds were there, including max, beer , and hobbit pot, everything was perfect, but he could no longer be among hobbits. why?

the book is quite clear about why frodo could no
longer stay in the shire. try reading the book.


And what does this have to do with philosophy…?

try having an oppinion. heres mine; frodo became enlightened, now nothing is funny, and no one understands him.

:laughing: :laughing: hahaha, i see that your location is “narnia” and thus your philosophical question is well suited. But seriously, you should stick this in mundane babble. And to answer your question, i’m not sure but I think it’s because of his terminal illness. Remember some giant spider mortally wounded him, I think that was the cause. :-k

Frodo lost his innocence on the trip and couldn’t go back to the jolly Hobbits.

There’s a couple of different ways of looking at the story. One is that the modern world is a very destructive influence on rural simplicity. So, Frodo, and Bilbo for that matter, have found out realities that have made them uncomfortable and unable to relate to those of their kind. Perhaps this is the pitfall of being exposed to too much reality.

It has to do with philosophy because knowledge of it can make you strange and feel apart from others.

Yeah, except that philosophy is mostly imaginary knowledge- that’s different.

Um, Frodo couldn’t return to the shire because–WHO CARES YOU GEEK!

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frodo didn’t return to the shyre because he likes elf pussy.

and samwise never put out.

Yeah but did you see the third movie? They totally make out.

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It represents my lost innocence.

read the books, they’re great :slight_smile:
literally, he was poisoned by the king of angmar’s blade so he could never fully heal

but of course, that’s just the top layer, like adlerian said :slight_smile:

You can never go back. You meet too many yokels, including yourself.

I always took it as a disappearing act in the same vein of Christ’s. I thought that was the allusion, anyway. What with the whole Christian mythology-thing LOTR has going on.

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This is actually the only correct answer here. “The detached messiah” bent on the story. The whole story is nothing more than Tolkeins disillusionment with the church establishment.


That’s not entirely the case as he mentioned that industrialization is a major theme in the story. Frodo, is a guy that “goes off to the big city” and comes home with a ruined mind.

I identify heavily with that idea, by the way.

Ruined or expanded?

Perhaps Frodo left because in the end, we all have to write our own stories, instead of reading about the character, so to speak.

Yeah the big city is scary and the world is being raped, but this is the world… you can’t just sit around in the shire. Look at the place, it’s a dreamland, same with the elves, but these are the archetypes of self. Aggression (dwarfs) innocence (hobits) spirituality (elves) tied by reason/time with the wizards. That’s why Sauron is a wizard as well, reason can take us two ways - industrial, advanced or small, sustainable. Grand towers, or some weed and a horse. The LoTR world (forget what it’s called) is meant to represent the personality of an individual.

If left unchecked, the ‘evil’ reasoning of technology and inevitable corruption -will- rise in the hearts of men. Tolkien’s message is that if we want to preserve our way of life - we have to live it. So in this way I perceive him as a pragmatist/traditionalist of sorts, with a touch of eternal reoccurance thrown in for good measure.

Thus is my take on it, I haven’t read the books… I started the hobit when I was like 8 but I sort of gave up on it. I’ve been meaning to read them for a while

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