Why did Voyager 1 decrease in speed?

So, our farthest probe decreased in speed like five years ago.

Voyager 1, our proudest greatest awesome thing, flew past Jupiter and Saturn and all that.

We kept watching it for a long time.

It went really, really far away. I mean so far away that it is scary.

It is scary.

And then, I think it was maybe five years ago… a terrible thing happened…

It decreased in speed…

Why the heck would an object in a vacuum suddenly decrease in speed?

Does anyone know?

I think it might be my crackpot gravity theory. Anyone else?

This is a conspiracy theory waiting to happen, folks.

Look it up. It decreased in speed, beyond what all science thought.

I bet it was the

The proposed theory is that the solar wind can no longer push outward at that distance. It has used up what momentum it had and has become a cloud of loose particles that no longer form a wind. The additional wind keeps the particles from returning to the Sun, but together they form a cloud sheath surrounding the Solar System. Once the Voyager reached that outer “sheath” of particles, it not only wasn’t being helped along by supersonic wind flow, but it also ran into the gathering of those particles, sheath, that built up over the last few billion years.

That is an extremely good response and I am sorry that my two drunken posts are still at the top of this board. I will now edit out my incredulous indignation regarding this slowdown from my (thoroughly professionally discredited [good thing im an amateur]) other post.