Why do people care about politics?

Does it really matter? Aren’t there better uses of time?

It runs the world and even when it doesn’t it tries too.

But, does it?

if so, how?

Yes, in the broad sense of ‘politics’. Party politics is bunkum - a loose confederation of warring tribes (if you are pro-abortion rights you must be pro-high tax big government, if you are pro-Iraq war you must also be opposed to stem cell research, etc.)

Economics, mainly. The quality of life one achieves divided by the time it takes to accomplish it is THE major defining factor in people’s behaviour - no?

I don’t know. I haven’t thought about it.

You’re saying economic systems, which are determined by politics, effect us? Would that mean then that since we’re already set on an economic system that the work politicians do now doesn’t matter?

Fair enough.

Not ‘doesn’t matter’ but ‘is almost entirely defined by factors beyond their control’. I’m talking both in the sense of them rarely tampering with basic economic policies even when they could and in the sense of the world actually being run by a shadowy elite outside of electoral politics. Democracy is a reality TV show. We’re no less enslaved than our ancestors 500 or 1000 years ago.

You care about politics because if you don’t the country goes to shit. Seriously.

if you don’t care about politics, you get socialist totalitarians who steal everything you own via taxes under the names of fairness or helping the poor or helping the children; thereby limiting freedom.


Sounds nice, nicer than capitalism anyway.

All world banks are privately owned, thus as you imply, the true work of politics is to provide the illusion that the ‘work’ they do matters in any way regarding the freedom and choice of the every man. In actuality they work quite hard, but it’s only to maintain the veil, which is powered by dichotomies like the one Imp likes to demonstrate.


But it goes on …


The illusion is that there are only two choices, when in fact there are many, many. It’s funny that when it comes to usury based systems there is only one choice. If you find that this makes sense you may want to start looking into the scam that is the federal reserve. This is an example of how America is really controlled – a privately owned institution which charges American citizens interest on the peices of paper it puts ink on for them – effectively selling the American people money they could make on their own at high levels of interest.

Despite the excuses and diversions which float about this monetary system there is absolutely no need for it to occur like this. This is not an old point; JFK actually initiated an executive order (11110) to change the method of monetary production. Unfortunately two days after he did so he was killed in a rather occult littered, ritualistic way.

This is a topic that many (older) people simply don’t understand, or are threatened by in the sense that they get this ‘well it’s like this, it obviously can’t change now’ attitude. This attitude would be an example of methods of control in effect. To say something can’t change is, at the end, merely very lazy mental systems at work (or rather giving up). When pointed out to these same people - that they are being controlled - it elicits a feeling of inadequacy or confusion, which then usually leads to a blind-fear type regression back into their current paradigm without a consideration of the true nature of the very definitions of the concepts which rule our world.

happy slaves to the state… if only the soviet union hadn’t fallen…



In the USSR you had people who were twice as greedy as they would be
in a democracy, running the USSR government. It isn’t going to work
out for everyone to live in happiness and freedom. If everyone in the
government doesn’t believe in the form of government they run. That’s why communism doesn’t work and never will. Too many people want
to be free. Thank God.

There’s always Cuba and Venezuela. They’re not so bad, as far as poor communist states go. North Korea is right out, I can’t be bothered trying to find anything positive to say about that regime. Apparently, 3,000 people die every month in Russia due to drinking low-grade alcohol (often moonshine mixed with turps or somesuch). Still, it’s bloody cold in most of Russia, so maybe we can forgive them the odd suicidal tipple.

I wonder, can you buy bits of the Berlin Wall on Ebay?

touched by david hasselhoff no less…

bits of wall plus wood from the real cross for the low, low, one time price of $59.95…


I don’t know if I can say capitalism is better than socialism.

It seems to me like we in the U.S. might have just gotten lucky.

I think it’s just as important that you have good people running your system as it is you have a good system.

Take for example the legal system. There are always way to work within the legal system and royally fuck people over and judges can always blow it, criminals can be savy, cops can bungle, and attorneys can bungle too.

Same goes for an economic system as a system of laws.

Does anyone else think that maybe the economic system is arbitrary or that you can use almost any arbitrary rational like ‘free trade’ or ‘equality’ and then make it work out?

We have to. Polititics in lamens terms is eyes watching and judging them, Us. If we dont pay attention to what they are doing they will do whatever they want. And they want whats best for them, and that means fucking you over if neccessary. Most of them atleast.