Why do people love guns so much?

Does having the ability to kill boost self-esteem?

Because you can make anything dead in a matter of seconds.

One can kill without a gun, but with a gun one can fuck a guy up.

Call it Will to Power. Guns are cool. People like to hit a golf ball 300 yards, too. Projection of power.


Why do you think I hauled ass over to Canadia?

Yes it does.

Humans are hardwired to kill and be violent. Deal with it.

If there is anything worse than being killed, it’s being killed by an asshole without any o’levels.

Seriously, if I ever have to be shot, I hope it’s by Sam Harris or something.

well humans are indeed violent, but hardwired or not, i don’t see how asking the question means i am not dealing with it. what would dealing with it entail from your point of view? glorifying it? fetishizing it? reveling in it? might we instead deal with it by minimizing the destruction that results from it?

Yes, revel in it. I know I do. Minimization? Don’t make me laugh.

I’ve owned a Firearm sense I was twelve.

The new gun culture is bizarre. I don’t get it. When I grew up people had guns. They hunted. They killed woodchucks that made homes too near their vegetable gardens. They didn’t have collections, they didn’t brag, and they weren’t scared shitless of “home invasions”. A .22 was good enough, and nobody really cared.

Yeah i don’t grasp the whole arsenal deal either but I guess collectors simply like to collect.

I’d never want a bunch of firearms around I couldn’t conceivably use, unless they were more archaic weaopons, muskets and the like.

People are scared of each other more than ever before.

Society is more divided and polarized than ever.

What is there to not get?


Because Guns fascinated me and I planned on Hunting, never really did much of it.

and why do you keep one now?


Wait why? Practice, Defense.

To escape the DR?

(And el maricon in the vid is a damn good argument for gun control).

I wish I had a firearm. Everybody is going to wish they had one when the big economic collapse comes. I am probably going to steal one or take one off a random dead corpse when shit gets real bad. In a existence of lawlessness there is a lot of mother fuckers you got to just blast away for survival purposes.

You just called about 50% of the 11-27 males in Venezuela faggots (though I, having lived there all my life, have much more gentle opinions on these guys). That’s the problem.

At the same time, I have never felt as free from anything as when I speeded down the highways of Caracas knowing that anybody, law or criminal, could be bribed out of my way…