Why do the greatest stars have to die?

Why do the greatest stars have to die?

Monroe, Amy, Hendrix bla bla, they all died and became great. When I see an old star on tv something akin to ‘why haven’t they died’ occurs in the mind, and It’s as if something poncified or sad has happened because they didn’t die.

It’s as if the world is a challenge and if you win you have to pay the ultimate price.

Unless your really winning like a rich banker or something ~ anything inconsequential. It’s fine to be successful as long as you don’t want to be remembered.

Ultimately everyone will be forgot, so i assume that it’s all about the changes you make in the present. That if you influence the flow of the river [drive in the world], there must be a cost.

…oh how important we are on this planet in amongst billions.

Given an infinite expanse of time, perhaps being of the moment is all that counts?

Your the greatest person ever to post on this site.

Does one really influence the flow of the river or does the river simply teach one to flow with it?

Turd, thanks. :mrgreen:

hi you. Possibly your right - in the main, the river teaches us to flow with it, then in amongst that all our ego’s get caught up in the current.

But that doesn’t really explain why if you are willing to sacrifice, there are rewards and benefits. Even birth requires suffering, and people who die get respect perhaps even from beyond? After all, if this isn’t the only world, then we came from somewhere and go back somewhere. I wonder if the spirit carries gifts upon the winds, for those who dare and will risk all?

Soldiers don’t get jack shit though, so i assume its not about death or sacrifice, but content.