WHY do we ask WHY?

Why is it that we all ask questions? What purpose does asking why serve? What is mans obsessoin to finding out why things are the way they are. Do dogs, birds, or monkeys ask why? To ask WHY seems to be the greatest privaledge man has been given.

Asking why and how, where and when satisfies our thirst for knowing something so we ask!

I feel:

W=learn how to ask why?
H=learn why to ask how?
Y=learn to say yes to your responsibilities!

And you’ll be doing fine in life! :wink:

P.S. I believe animals have the questioning ability too but not to that degree as we do. If they didn’t at all then they would not have inherent in them the will or the ability to survive, to seek food and companionship, to treasure life.

Why not?

drink Bud dry


I thought of thowing out that old BUD LIGHT phrase…but still no ones given me quite the logical answer to what im looking for. Maybe there isnt one for me, im hard to please at times. I usually answer my own Q’s.


Why may be the, “greatest privaledge man has been given” but without the How this why would not be a privilege anymore my dear. Philosophy provides the WHY, why is it so? Scieince provides the HOW, how things work and the rest is all before, after or in between.

But this philosophy I’m talking about is not the philosophy studied in academia. What is studied is just studying philosophy. I’m talking about philosophising, the philosphy that is free and arises of its own and questions the why of everything or anything!

By the way if there is a specific response that you have in mind that you’re looking for, doesn’t that mean that you’ve already decided what that response is and know about it? Then why put this query here for us to ponder upon? Is it because in the end you would like to answer your own query and show us what fools we are? Do you not know that there is no such thing as the best response, only a better one. Idiot! :imp:

:astonished: Are you allright? I just like other opinions.

beena jain is prone to flipping out with little to no provocation. It’s a quirk