Why do Women have orgasms...

…When it is not needed to reproduce?

(i’m assuming the natural sciences is the correct place to post this).

same reason guys orgasm to get them addicted to sex
if sex was just like urinating there would be not much incentive to hunt for sex

orgasm is natures drug to get you cumimg back for more
you see it is needed for reproduction since the more you cum back for your orgasm hit them more chance you have of getting pregnate
nature is very cunning

but there is another more subtle lure sex is a drug and - like drugs sex never fulllifills
you see in a strange way the orgasm is not totally satisfying -you are always let down after one that is why women want multipull ones as one is not enough
women usaully give up not from being satiated but from being excusted

you see desire cant never be satiated and sex just leave you desiring more as it is not totally fulfilling

think of consumer consumption you get a small hit when you consume but it after awhile lets you down and you must go get another hit to feel fulfilled -but it never fulfills you so like sex you are chasing your desire tail never being fulfilled but forever feeding to no avail

like love after awhile the high goes and many then lok for love somewhere else just to get that high -like heroin- a flash that never is as good again so you must try and try to serach it out again

So they want to fuck in the first place!

But I guess your point is a man having an orgasm is his “reward” for planting his seed. Whereas a women just needs to recieve the seed.

I think then the reason is that you can’t seperate entirly the biological workings of a male and female body. It was “easyer” for both men and women to evolve to have orgasms than for it just to be men. So altyhough it is redaundant property in women from the point of view of redroduction they still evoloved it. Also it might not be totallly redandant as it would give them more insentive to fuck and fuck untill they come. By which time the man would probably have come.

Why do you feel pleasure in eating?
It ensures a behavior by adding another element to it.

Pleasure is the momentary alleviation of a need. A negative to what life is - need/suffering.

I once read somewhere that the female orgasm can actually suck the sperm deeper into the vaginal tract.

That’s true. I forgot about that.

It’s why women have more orgasms with more attractive males. It gives their sperm a selective boost or pull.

Yes, all good points - however, if the female orgasm was necessary in some way to make her addicted to sex - why then, do so many females not have orgasms when they are having sex.
Only a very small percentage of women can have an orgasm through penetration alone.

I have female friends who have gone through their first near 10yrs of sexual activity having never had an orgasm! but they still had sex and enjoyed it (albeit not as much as when they discovered the big O). Some women on the other hand have never had an orgasm, and i think mental state (being uninhibited and able to relax) has alot to do with it. I have friends who say if they’re not in the mood they can’t get off - whereas we are led to believe that men don’t need much to get in the mood…! :^o

I found a link about this… which includes the suction thing that the uterus does when a woman orgasms…

Found another amusing one here…

All female orgasms have been fake since the dawn of time. It’s a vast feminine conspiracy to get us the hell off of them once they’re done having sex.


Yeah i did it once, never again though. It only teaches someone that they’re doing something good when they’re not.

Orgasms for everyone!

It’s because of the fact that women have to inspired into orgasm.

It’s connected with the feminization of man.

Women are taught by their culture to value males that are more effeminate; that exhibit feminine qualities.
Yet instinctively they are still attracted to that primordial male.

Their minds deny it but their bodies say don’t.

The males they are told they should want and find attractive they only find appealing rationally, as ‘good’ men or productive men, because their femininity has made them participants and integrated within the system.

But instinctively, subconsciously, they do not find them attractive.
It’s a meme versus gene contradiction.

This is why I say that feminists are still dominated by masculine ideals.

It’s not that they are emancipated, they never think for themselves, it’s that they’ve changes masters.
The institution, represented by the moral or the ideal, is the masculine entity. The actual males are all emasculated and so less desirable.

And so they bitch about how thee are no ‘good’ men or ‘real’ men out there.

That’s when males, the emasculated ones in particular, have to exhibit hyper-masculinity so as to pretend that they are not really emasculated but dominant males.
Funny thing is that in order to do this they use the cultural and social symbols imposed upon them by the system. that’s what makes them absurd and hilarious.

For example they use money to express their dominance as males, but money is a cultural invention imposed upon them by the real dominant male which is the system.

Irony. They become caricatures.

What is a feminized man?

Are you a ‘real’ man?

What is a ‘real’ man? as opposed to a pretend one?

Do ‘real’ men (in the original sense of the word which you are presenting) have no interest in making another human being feel good? Surely even ‘real’ men would get off from getting another off. Or is all they really want a posh wank and to roll over and snore?

As far as i’m aware the human body has been the same for a very very long time - and the clit has not suddenly developed over the past few years of ‘feminization’

I’m not one of those women who needs to be ‘inspired’ to have an orgasm, maybe i’m ‘masculinized’ - i don’t know.

I know that there are some women who can ‘think’ themselves to orgasm. Lucky cows.

I’d also like to add that i’m not attracted to men with feminine traits. I know a few women who are though.

I think if you read my essay of The Feminization of Man you might understand what I consider masculine. And yes, women can be it, as well.

Unlikely, but possible.
It’s a state of being. A spirit.

It would only be obvious if it were as automatic for women as it (usually) is for men to have orgasms.

Yes, but in your feminization of man essay (which i had already read), all you do is make man look great and woman look secondary. Would you prefer to be living in a world where women were second class citizens?

I think it is from your point of view that a man has more demands put on him is merely from your own standpoint as a man. It does not seem objective to me since many women would disagree and argue (myself included) that women have just as much demand on their intellect, just in different areas to men.

So by deduction from your essay - of course you are a real man, because your ‘real man’ status would mean that you are superior to females it seems in almost every way. At least that is how you would like it to be.

Here’s some Schopenhauer to answer your question…

Stop talking about yourself.

You have already given that “essay” more credit than it deserves.
It is just a combination of the following:

  • a bored person going through an identity crisis
  • a bunch of bored people who do not realize that if you respond to non-sense, you get more non-sense
  • the internet

The “reason” is simple: it keeps females wanting more and more.

What I find more amazing is that you seem to observe the proof without realizing it:

Hence, no orgasm leads to females having more sex which in turn leads to more chances of procreation.

It’s because I value intelligence above all else.

This does not mean that women do not have value.
My preferences show through my evaluations.

You should watch a documentary or two, and see how males must compete for the privilege of reproducing.

In the current environment of leveling, yes the feminization of man means that men and women face similar challenges.

But we mustn’t forget the thousands of years that preceded us and that still affect us.
What is the female and what is the male reproductive strategy?
How has it shaped the sexes or even made them necessary?
Why is a male sex necessary in the past and no longer necessary in the current environment?
Why this evolution that split more sophisticated species in two distinct groupings? Was it only cosmetic or physical?

Where have I made any claim about me or my nature?
Why is this about me?

Do all of your views flatter you?
Then how are they objective?

Is it that all your views offer you an advantage or flatter you that you seek such an advantage behind other people’s views?
Granted, most often than not, it is true; people beleive in whatever soothes them or flatters them, but is this the case for all?
Are there exceptions to the rule?

I do claim to be such an exception. Other than that I claim nothing else in relation to my opinions.
The opinions stand alone based on reason and merit alone…or they fall.

No, I am not aware of seeking to flatter myself or my sex. It seems that you are out to flatter your sex, but not the female sex. That is how all of your writing comes across. So if you were so objective, how come you continue to put men up and women down. You say that I am only flattering about my own sex to flatter myself - but you are doing the same. I’ve not heard you say one negative thing about being a man.

I’m merely after some balance.

This seems to be something only you are seeing. I don’t see how it is somehow ‘no longer necessary’ for the male sex. where is the evidence that this is the case? I am not witness to a bunch of big girls running around.

If you want proof of being objective - i will say that I think women on the whole make terrible drivers, tend to change their minds more often than their underwear, have an extraordinary capacity to be two faced and can be extremely fickle, capricious, selfish and manipulative. Lets not forget the ‘bunny boiler’ syndrome and that one thing can often mean the other when a woman says it. They are also physically not as muscularly as strong as men and are on the whole not as good at logical thinking.

Yes, there are always exceptions to every ‘rule’.

Men are one track - can be focussed, excellent in strategy and logical. They are better generally with maths and the sciences than females. They are physically very strong and able to compartmentalise which is something women are rarely able to do. They are less emotional and therefore more helpful in a stressful, high risk situation where they can keep their head - hence being better able in war situations. They are ambitious and competitive.

No, because not having an orgasm will generally put a woman off having sex as she’s not going to be interested if she doesn’t get that orgasm. I konw more women with sexual hang ups than women who are sexually relaxed and uninhibited. The women who have orgasms easily, are going to be having MUCH more sex than those who do not.